Most Dangerous Place for Construction Workers is Canberra

If you’re a tradie in Canberra, you’re working in the most dangerous place for construction work in Australia, according to a report by Safe Work.

The report which was published in October, indicated 23.8 claims for serious injury and disease per 1000 construction workers in 2015-16.The national average in that period was 16.

While The ACT did record the highest rate of claims in the industry over the past 5 years, there was actually a decrease of 16 per cent in that period.

In a press release, UnionsACT compared that figure to WorkSafe ACT compliance activities which was down by 84 per cent compared to 2014.

Secretary of UnionsACT, said WorkSafe ACT should focus on enforcing workplace safety laws and accountability for negligent employers.


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Demand for Construction Continues to Soar


The gap between construction skills and demand is growing, according to the latest Hays report.

The report highlights worker shortages across several areas in the construction sector but in particular project managers, construction managers and contract administrators are in the highest demand.

Skilled construction professionals are in massive demand as building activity reaches record high levels.

Earlier this year, ABS data indicated the number of people employed throughout the construction sector was close to 1.168million, seasonally adjusted. This is an addition of 100,000 workers over the past 12 months.

The 2017 Hays Global Skills Index shows, the skills jobseekers’ possess and those that employers need, are mismatched with the gap growing wider over the past year.  Find out more

Charity Lunch Planned to Raise Funds for Worker Mental Health

Over the course of the month of August, also known as Tradie Health Month, there is a strong focus on not just tradies’ physically health and wellbeing, but mental health as well.

MATES in Construction has announced a Charity Lunch to be held in October in Queensland to raise funds for workers’ mental health.

The event will be attended by around 400 construction industry representatives from small and large organisations, government and other stakeholders.

The annual event also celebrates industry acheivements through the MATES program which aims to tackle the problem of construction worker suicide by teaching workers how to talk to their mates who may be suffering from depression before they resort to suicide.

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Dozens of Construction Workers Dying or Facing Serious Injury Due to Suicide Attempts

Mental health should be given attention in the workplace. While we talk about safety often, we seldom discuss the mental health aspect of health and safety, which is resulting in dozens of Queensland construction workers committing suicide every year.

In fact 40 construction workers a year are being lost to suicide and hundreds more are attempting suicide, causing untold emotional pain and financial turmoil across the state.

The financial cost to the community is estimated at $355 million annually and of-course the emotional cost cannot be measured.

The average age of suicide victims is 36 and most are males, with triggers being identified as emotional and financial pressure.

One of the key issues is communication. Construction workers should be encouraged to open up about their problems, particularly because tradies are more likely to bottle up their emotions.

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WA Construction Workers Get a Boost from Road and Rail Investment

Federal and state governments have struck a deal which will create 6000 new jobs in Western Australia over the next 2 years.

The 2.3billion deal has been described as a game changer for WA expected to ignite the construction boom in Perth and ease traffic congestion. It will also see the start off the Metronet railway expansion.

Negotiations to iron out the full details of the 17 roads and rail projects also took place and the Turnbull Government has agreed to re-direct $1.2 billion in Federal funds.

If you want to take advantage of the new construction opportunities and start an apprenticeship or job in the construction industry in WA you will need a white card first.


Demolition Rubble Improperly Disposed Of – Company Fined $65,000

A Darwin company has been issued a $65,000 fine after improperly disposing of waste from a demolition.

The company was tasked with demolishing Department of Defence housing in Darwin and was suppose to sort and separate waste materials before disposing of it in the appropriate manner.

Instead, members of the public alerted the authorities that the company was dumping the waste on a block of vacant land.

The company pleaded guilty to obstructing an authorised officer and polluting the environment, and was subsequently fined $65,000. There was no asbestos in the waste however EPA officers found excavators, freshly dug soil and 5 houses worth of waste.

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Construction Workers Down Tools, Union Faces Court Action


Following the August 19th downing of tools on 6 construction sites operated by a construction company, 3 CFMEU representatives are facing fines of up to $10 800 per breach for 50 alleged breaches of the Fair Work Act.

The union representatives apparently instructed workers to walk off site and not return until Monday because the company had employed subcontractors that didn’t have union enterprise bargaining agreements.

Nigel Hadgkiss of Fair Work Building and Construction said it was not fair to discriminate against subcontractors based on workplace agreements.

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Massive Snake Discovered by Construction Workers

Giant anaconda found in Brazillian building site.

What would you do if you discovered a massive anaconda while working on a building project? Well these Brazilian workers have been criticised for the way they handled their discovery, by killing the massive snake.

An anaconda weighing almost 400kgs and measuring 33feet in length was discovered in a cave near a construction site in Para, Brazil. Workers were conducting controlled explosions when they made the discovery. The snake may be the biggest one ever discovered.

The workers strung the giant up on a crane and lifted it up to take videos and pictures of the snake.

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Construction Workers, Don’t Try These Tricks

A construction worker in China described as shy, can be seen in a video performing all sorts of stunts on the work site.

The video has gone viral showcasing the acrobatic talents of construction worker Xiao Wei from Dayue City, China’s Hubei Province.

The worker can be seen flipping, swinging, looping and jumping around a metal rod on a construction site.

Although he may have become a celebrity, I don’t suggest you try any of these on your work site.