Building Site Truck and Crane Rollover

WorkSafe ACT has announced a workplace accident involving a construction truck and crane.

The incident happened at a building site in Denman Prospect when a construction truck and crane rolled.

There were no injuries but WorkSafe has launched an investigation into what is considered a dangerous incident.

The truck, carrying a crane on the back, tipped over onto it’s side, possibly because the load was too heavy for the vehicle.

Fatal Crane Collapse at Google’s new Seattle Building

Google’s new Seattle building has been the site of the latest fatal crane collapse, claiming the lives of 4 people and injuring 2 others.

It is believed the collapse happened during a storm, causing the crane to tumble down onto one of the city’s busiest streets.

A woman and 3 men have lost their lives in the incident, 2 of them being iron workers who were inside the crane. The 2 other victims were passers-by inside cars on the street below.They all died on the scene.

A young mother and her 4 month old daughter miraculously escaped serious injury as their car was smashed on one side by the crane.

Given the recent concerns over construction site safety involving cranes in particular, it’s important we learn from incidents like these and recognise the importance of safety controls or risk devastating consequences like this.


Couple Lucky to Be Alive After Crane Falls on House


A couple in Melbourne had a close call with a 33 tonne drilling rig that crashed through the roof their house.

The elderly couple’s home was devastated by the falling crane recently after annoyed neighbours complained that it was an accident waiting to happen. Residents had called in to their local council to complain prior to the incident.

The crane shattered the roof of the house, smashed tiles and sent bricks flying all around.

The 2 grandparents were at home at the time and were lucky to escape uninjured when the crane collapsed onto their home. The crane was in use on the construction site next door and was being loaded onto the back of a semi-trailer.

The driver of the crane was not injured.

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Workplace Health and Safety In The Forefront after Box Hill Accident

Workplace health and safety has come to the forefront following an incident in Box Hill, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

A worker in his 40s died and another was seriously injured after a container of concrete fell from the crane recently.

The 2 men were submerged and trapped in the wet concrete after the tub of concrete fell on top of them.

A third worker was also injured and all 3 men had to be rescued by a team of 40 firefighters.

The CFMEU expressed their outrage shortly after the incident, saying 7 Victorians were killed on the job in the construction industry in 2018. The union said the Box Hill incident should serve as a wake-up call.

The union also highlighted how traumatizing such an incident is for those who witness it.

The incident is a harrowing reminder of the importance of daily checks and maintenance of cranes.

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Operators Urged to Inspect Cranes Following Fatal Box Hill Crane Incident

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In addition to prompting an audit, the fatal Box Hill crane incident has led to a safety warning from WorkSafe about the importance of inspecting cranes.

Crane owners and operators have been urged to conduct safety inspections of their cranes, following preliminary results of an investigation which revealed that a malfunction of the hoist rope termination assembly probably caused the fatal accident at the Box Hill site.

A worker in his 40s was killed and 2 other workers were injured, one seriously in the horrific accident.

A kibble containing concrete fell from a tower crane on the Box Hill site and struck the 3 workers.

WorkSafe notified the company of its findings and the company issued a cease work on all its Raimondo cranes until the completion of a safety audit.

The services of an independent expert has also been employed to verify that the firm’s audit is correctly conducted.

WorkSafe said  it is essential that all hoist-rope termination assemblies are inspected to ensure they are appropriately installed, compliant and functioning according to manufacturer’s specifications.

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Victoria – 60 Cranes Ordered to Stop Work After Fatal Incident


Following the fatal Box Hill incident in which a man in his 40s was killed when a container of wet concrete fell from a crane, 60 cranes were ordered to stop work while an audit is conducted.

Another man suffered life-threatening injuries during the incident and third suffered minor injuries.

A preliminary investigation by WorkSafe found that a malfunction of a key component had contributed to the incident.

The crane company that distributed the cranes have issued a cease work order for all cranes of the same make currently in use in Victoria until a safety audit has concluded.

WorkSafe had also brought in an independent expert to monitor the company’s crane audit to ensure it was done correctly.

The CFMEU has called for a safety review of crane operations in the state.

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Crane Topples on Construction Site – Worker Injured

A crane recently toppled on a construction site in the Gold Coast, causing injury to a man on site.

The man suffered minor injuries when the crane tipped over at the Coomera construction site.

He was treated by paramedics.

Another crane incident took place in Melbourne where heavy winds damaged the arm of the crane which threatened to fall. Hundreds of residents were evacuated.


2015 Workplace Fatality Results in Fine for Crane Driver and Company

An Ipswich company and an employee, Robert Poida have both been fined over a 2015 workplace accident that led to the death of a crane driver.

An 8 tonne mobile yard crane was being used to shift a large steep pipe when Mr Poida asked a colleague he was supervising to walk alongside the crane’s left front wheel to steady the load.

The man was not a licenced dogman and was run over by the crane, dying at the scene.

An investigation revealed that the crane was not maintained and was defective, with unsafe brakes and lights however the court found this did not directly cause the death.

The supervising employee was convicted and fined $15,000 and had to pay court costs of $1100.

Man Injured After Crane Tips

WorkSafe Tasmania is investigating an incident in Launceston which left one man injured when a crane tipped on its side.

Police cordoned off North bank Road after the incident.

The cause of the crane toppling has not yet been revealed.

Already this year there have been 45 Australian workers killed at work, according to Safe Work Australia figures.

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