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Asbestos Incident Leads to $60k Fine

An asbestos incident involving a Canberra earthmoving company has resulted in a $60,000 fine for the company. The ACT Industrial Court originally convicted the company and issued an $80,000 fine however it was reduced to $60,000, taking into consideration the

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Extreme Excavator Fails On Video

Excavators are invaluable on construction sites but without the proper planning and training, they can prove extremely dangerous. The excavator fails in this video are a reminder of what can go wrong.  

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Safety Blitz to Focus on Demolition

WorkSafe inspectors will be visiting over 800 demolition and construction sites over the course of the month in Victoria, focusing on dangerous and sub-standard demolition work. WorkSafe, through its Construction Program Manager, Dermot Moody, said any companies that weren’t following

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Company Gets $45,000 Fine over Workplace Injury

A Melbourne demolition company was recently fined $45,000 for an incident that left one worker with an amputated leg. The worker’s leg was crushed when the worker was helping load a piece of concrete into the bucket of a machine

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Watch as 116 Excavators Demolish an Overpass

It took just one night for Chinese construction workers to demolish a 24 year old overpass bridge in Nanchang, which is a city east of China’s Jiangxi Province. The bridge was dismantled using just 116 excavators to make way for

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Concerns About Asbestos Fibres Being Released During Concrete Recycling

There have been concerns raised about the government’s incentives for recycling construction and demolition waste given the risk of asbestos fibres being released during the process. The state governnment is offering local governments financial incentives to use recycled construction materials

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Why Mesothelioma is a Risk Among Construction Workers

Construction products in the past contained asbestos, which exposed the construction workers working with them to the deadly asbestos fibres which  over time can cause mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Those buildings constructed before 1980 are likely to still

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Russian Building Blast Fail

This demolition attempt in Russia was caught on video. Unfortunately explosives alone couldn’t do the trick and experts had to be brought in to take the building down piece by piece. Watch what happened.

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Watch as This Sydney Chimney Comes Down

Watch as an iconic Sydney structure is demolished in this video. Remember that no matter the type of construction or demolition work being undertaken, a White Card is necessary.  

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Top Down Demolition May Minimise Hazards

Italy based company Despe’s TopDownWay demolition system is a method that apparently takes down towers faster and removes the need for scaffolding, making demolition safer. Stefano Panseri, CEO of Despe explained that a self-descending demolition system which his company has created, can support

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