Teen Girl Electric Shock Incident at Light Rail Site Not Isolated

Source: Pixabay.com

A teenager who felt a current of electricity run through her body at the light rail construction site in Sydney’s George street in June was likely not the first person to suffer an electric shock at the site.

The girl curled into the foetal position when the incident occurred and later said she thought she was going to die. But she wasn’t the only one who suffered an electric shock there, 2 homeless people were shocked at the site a week earlier.

An investigation found that the incident happened when an electric cable became compressed between the lid of a traffic signal pit and its supporting frame. According to safety investigator John Guselli,

  “The compression caused the insulation around the wire to be work way, presenting an opportunity for the exposed wire to energise the pit lid,”

“Rain in the days before the incident created an environment which allowed the electrical current flow to energise the pit lit.”

Source: https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/08/03/13/54/electric-shock-light-rail-construction-site-anna-lambden-investigaton-recommendations

It is believed the flaw may have existed since February.

The investigation also found that the design of the pit may have contributed to the incident, as it should have been 300m deeper than it was.