Man Dies After being Electrocuted by Overhead Powerlines while Trimming Trees


A case being investigated by WorkSafe reminds us to beware of overhead power-lines, especially when working from elevated work platforms.

A man was killed recently after being electrocuted by power-lines while trimming trees in Melbourne’s south east.

The incident involved a 26 year old worker who died when the cherry picker platform that he was on came into contact with live power-lines in Hughesdale.

Emergency services were called to the scene but the man was pronounced deceased at the scene.

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Electrical Hazards a Huge Risk to Construction Workers

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Electrical hazards are among the top 3 most common on construction sites, causing thousands of injuries every year. Construction workers are some of the most vulnerable to electrical hazards, one of the reasons why mandatory construction induction training addresses this issue.

While electricians are most at risk, everyone on a construction site is at danger of being electrocuted in certain situations.

It is up to the employer or person undertaking the business to ensure that all workers have received adequate safety training covering electrical hazards as well. This training site specific training will teach workers about the hazards that are specific to their work site and job descriptions.

It is also important that workers are trained on the most common hazards they will face on the construction site, that is why the white card course has been made mandatory for all construction workers.

Here’s another case of electrocution on a  construction site,