Construction Activity Experiences Surprise Spike for 2 Straight Quarters

According to figures from economists, the value of construction work done in the September quarter rose by 33 per cent to 61.9 billion. The growth can be attributed mostly to engineering work which includes road and bridge construction and mining construction.

In comparison homes and other non-residential building construction fell by 0.4 per cent in the same quarter.

The growth is welcomed, given that a decline was expected, following a 9.8 per cent rise in the 3 months to June.

Some economists attributed the positive numbers to imports of LNG installations for projects in Western Australia.  Find out more at

Good News for Engineering Construction Sector


Industry research firm BIS Shrapnel recently released some good news for the construction sector, particularly those in engineering construction.

According to research, the total annual value of work in the sector is set to rise by 11 per cent over the next decade, after a decline in the upcoming years.

An article on attributes activity in the industry to the transport sectr where high levels of activity are being pushed by road and rail projects, particularly in the eastern states.  Read more at