Worker’s Head Injury Results in $90k Fine for Employer

Remember the horrific workplace incident in 2013 which resulted in an 18 year old worker’s skull being pierced by a steel bar, well the construction company has now been fined $90,000 over the incident.

The young man was operating an excavator at the time however the glass front screen of the excavator was open, and while the subcontractor witnessed this, he did not advise the young worker to close it.

The steel bar flew into the cabin, piercing the victim’s skull and penetrating it approximately 85mm deep.

Safety doesn’t always have to be complicated, sometimes its ensuring that the basics are covered, this is one of the reasons why the White Card training is so important that the federal government has mandated it for all construction workers.

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These Crashes Will Leave You Confused

Heavy equipment accidents are some of the most common on the construction site and many of them end fatally. It’s important we abide by the site’s health and safety plan and our safety training when on site. It’s also important that everyone operating these machines is qualified to do so including being in possession of a High Risk Licence. Watch the video to see why.

Construction Equipment Accidents on Video

Heavy equipment and machinery are invaluable on the construction work site and in most instances, they are irreplaceable however they also present one of the greatest risks.

In Australia, operators must be in possession of a high risk certificate and all workers on site must be in possession of an induction card, to ensure they are aware of the risks and how to work in a safe and responsible manner.

In the video below we can see how some workplace incidents involving heavy equipment take place.