Importance of Eye Safety in Construction


While construction work presents a variety of hazards and each site is different, the need for eye protection cannot be argued.

Personal protective equipment required on a site will depend on the types of hazards that a site presents and a site assessment will identify the need for PPE and which PPE are needed. However most sites do present hazards such as welding, concrete blasting, grinding etc. which present a hazard to construction worker’s eyes. That is why eye protection is a pre-requisite to protect workers from serious injury and loss of eye sight.

Employers should instruct workers on the right PPE to use for the job and train them in its use. They also need to provide the necessary PPE free of charge. Workers have a responsibility to utilise the appropriate PPE according to the instructions given by their employer in order to minimise the risk of injury for example when engaging in dangerous activities such as tunnelling. Eye protection will protect workers against dust, flying objects and sunlight.

Examples of eye protection include safety goggles, masks and glasses. These need to properly maintained and stored when not in use to ensure they stay in good condition and remain effective for eye protection.