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Falls the Focus of Cross Border Construction Program in Mildura

The prevention of falls on construction sites was the recent focus of a joint program by SafeWork NSW and WorkSafe Victoria in Mildura in June. The Cross Border Construction Program involved inspectors jointly visiting local building sites on both sides

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WorkSafe ACTs Focus on Work from Height Safety

WorkSafe ACT is narrowing in on employers who compromise workers’ safety when it comes to working from height and can now issue an on-the-spot fine of up to 3,600 to offenders. In the 2017-18 period, there were 72 workers compensation

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Queensland Fatal Skylight Fall Under Investigation

An incident during which a worker fell 5 metres onto a concrete floor is under investigation by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. It appears the worker was attending to a radio tower on the roof of a storage shed when

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Statistics Show 20 Vic Worker Injured due to Falls Every Week

Another incident has occurred forcing us to consider whether we are doing enough to guard against injuries and fatalities due to falls on the work site. A 53 year old worker recently died after he fell from a ladder, on

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Importance of White Card Training to Prevent Falls on Construction Sites

The unions are claiming that self-regulation in the construction industry is leading to a number of fatalities on building sites as a result of falls. Unions are subsequently calling for stricter safety regulations and enforcement to stop construction workers falling

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Workers Responsibility in Avoiding Slips and Trips on Site

Slips, trips and falls are the most commonly occurring cause of injury on construction sites and on work sites in general which is why this aspect of OH&S requires and warrants more attention than less commonly occurring hazards. More workers

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