Man Killed in Workplace Incident

A 63 year old man was killed on a work site in South East Queensland recently after being crushed to death by machinery.

The man was working at a business at Cobalt Street in Carole Park when it is believed he became trapped between machinery.

Workplace Health and Safety is investigating the incident which happened early on a Saturday morning, before 1:30am.

Police and emergency services were called to the scene, where the man was declared dead.

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Launch of New Security Device for Building Sites

RAH Crane driver - Adelaide from above

Site security and in particular the security of our materials and tools has became an issue of great concern with a number of site break-ins taking place recently.

ATF Services, a site safety company has launched a wireless monitoring device that aims to combat this issue of construction site thefts.

According to the company, 39 per cent of residential builders in Australia have been affected by theft or vandalism at their building sites. The company says that 61 per cent of those affected, experienced the theft of raw materials and 46 per cent of them experienced theft of small hand held tools.

ATF has partnered with Microsoft, Two Bulls and Thinxtra to develop the multi sensor wireless alarm system, providing constant monitoring, with just 4 AA batteries over a 12 month period.

Companies pay a rental fee for the wireless alarm that can be controlled via a mobile application called ATF Vision. The app allows the device to be configured to the requirements of the environment.

When triggered, the alarm activates a flashing red warning light and loud buzzer to deter thieves in addition to an automatic alert sent via app notification or email if any unexpected movement, light, sound, or vibration is detected.


Heatwave Prompts Warning for Construction Workers in Canberra

Canberra has experienced sweltering heat and there have been warnings to workers to remain safe when working in the heat.

January’s temperatures this year were 10 degrees above the average minimum temperature for the month, so its evident that temperatures are steadily rising.

Meteorologists say the hottest day on record for Canberra was a searing 42.2 degree day in February 1968 and in 2017 so far the hottest day was January 13 which reached 39.6 degrees.

If you’re an employer, its important you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure workers are safe. As an employee you also have to protect yourself from the heat. Take regular rest breaks in the shade and remain hydrated.

Employers should arrange schedules and shifts with the heat in mind.



Employers and Workers Urged to Re-examine Safety


If you live in the ACT you’re already aware that temperatures are soaring, that is why Work Safety Commissioner, Greg Jones is reminding us to rethink safety on worksites especially where trade industries are concerned.

It’s important that employers are finding ways to limit the amount of time workers spend in the direct sunlight and exposed to heat, for example in confined spaces.

Workers can also look after the safety of their colleagues, to ensure no one suffers from heat stress and other heat related illnesses.

Exposure to the heat is dangerous and workers need to remain hydrated to stay safe.

It’s also important to war the appropriate sun safety and protective clothing.

Mr Jones also encouraged employers to support workers by providing shaded areas for work, ensuring they get enough breaks and remain hydrated. They should also reschedule work for cooler times of the day where possible.

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Lacrosse Docklands Tower Ordered to Be Stripped off Combustible Cladding

Combustible cladding on the Docklands high rise ravaged by a fire a few years ago has been deemed as a risk to hundreds of residents who will have to fork out $8.6 million to have the cladding removed and replaced.

The residents have already incurred $6.5 million in expenses to fix the damage from the 2014 fire which tore through the high rise, spread even faster because of the use of sub-standard, cheap imported cladding.

The Building Appeals Board denied a request by builders to have sprinklers installed instead of removing the cladding, however  Metropolitan Fire Brigade warned even if additional wall sprinklers were installed, the fire could spread significantly before the sprinklers were even activated.

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Construction Workers Beaten For Trying to Stop a Fight

A 21 year old construction worker was left beaten and bruised after being attacked by a group of young people at St Kilda Beach.

The man was shaken by the incident which happened at the construction site where the man was working. He was packing up for the day when he noticed the fight and shouted at the youths to stop as it was a construction site, but they then turned on him.

He said they then started beating him and his workmate.

Both the men were hospitalised after the beating, having been left bloodied by the incident. The young construction worker blacked out and was taken to hospital.


Chinese Construction Disaster – Death Toll Rises

Chinese authorities have detained 13 people over the collapse which claimed 74 lives recently.

Most of the workers killed where working on the interior concrete wall of a massive circular cooling tower, about 70 metres high when scaffolding fell.

In 2012, another incident occurred, involving the same firm. The incident involved seven Yineng builders in a cooling tower in Yunnan province who tumbled to their deaths after scaffolding collapsed.

Three years prior 2 workers died after a vehicle accidentally backed into a scaffolding support beam at a Yineng-built cooling tower in Guangdong province.

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Be Cautious When Engaging in Excavation


Essential Energy is urging all tradespeople to contact the Dial Before You Dig national referral service first to confirm the location of underground electrical assets before beginning excavation work.

Construction workers are being reminded that it’s a statutory requirement to contact the free Dial Before You Dig service prior to work.

Tradespeople should check for electrical, gas, water and telecommunication networks before digging to avoid disruption to the communities’ services.

Failure to do so will result in heavy financial penalties, Essential Energy warned.

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How to Beat The Heat This Summer When Working Outside

The temperature is steadily rising and for those of us who spend most of the time outdoors, we need to be extra careful about heat protection or we risk heat stroke and heat stress, which could be fatal.

In Australia, more people are killed by the heat than any other natural disaster, with up to 80 per cent of heatstroke cases ending in death.

If you’re working in the direct sunlight, or even if you’re just working in the heat, remember to take the necessary measures to ensure your health and safety.

  1. Remain hydrated.
  2. Take breaks in the shade.
  3. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  4. Be aware of weather alerts and look out for heat illness symptoms.

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Queens Crane Collapse Claims 2 Lives

A crane collapse at a construction site in Queens, New York has claimed the lives of 2 construction workers after they were crushed by a beam they were hoisting.

The men were lifting the I-beam with a crane when it snagged on part of the structure of the building, according to reports.

The cable holding the beam gave way and it came crashing down into the crane cab and fell onto the ground.

Unfortunately the cab operator and the worker holding the tether line were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Both workers were in their forties. The incident is under investigation.

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