Man Hospitalised After Welding Accident


Another workplace has taken place, this time sending one man to hospital after he sustained burned due to a welding incident.

The incident took place last Thursday in southwestern Victoria at a property on the Warrnambool-Penshurst Road.

Paramedics were called to the scene to treat the man for burns, he was then taken to The Alfred hospital in a stable condition for further treatment.

As we approach the end of the year, accidents on worksites do become more common. Let’s pay particular attention to safety and end the year on a good note.


Construction Goliaths at Work

The latest in intelligent technology heavy equipment can be seen in action in this impressive video.

Construction machinery has come a long way in the past century and the things that these machines can do is quite amazing.

If you’re in to technology and construction machinery you’re not going to want to miss this video.

Suicide Prevention Focus for Qld Construction Industry

sleeping worker

MATES in Construction have partnered with the Queensland Government to offer additional support to construction workers with mental health issues.

MATES in construction are a suicide prevention organisation who have teamed up with the state government to help workers in need.

The aim of the program is mates looking out for mates, CEO Jorgen Gullestrup said. Everyone on the construction site can look out for and help each other. So if we notice someone struggling, we can help, before its too late.

Mr Gullestrup noted that the Queensland construction industry used to have the highest suicide rates in the country but through a network of 4500 volunteers, thousands of workers have been helped.


Whistleblower Condemns Industry After Backpacker Construction Site Death


Are construction industry employees and apprentices receiving adequate safety training and supervision on the job? This is the question being raised after the recent deaths in the sector including the death of German backpacker Marianka Heumann at an East Perth construction site recently.

In the month of October, 5 construction workers were killed on the job. One industry insider, Simon Waters has spoken out about a lack of supervision which he says is a major concern.

Waters was working on building sites around Perth several months ago, looking after apprentices and the site where Ms Heumann died was one of those in his care.

He said he left the organisation because of the lack of safety he discovered there. He explained that people worked without any regard for safety and there were no exclusion zones.

Mr Waters left the job after only 6 weeks and Ms Heumann’s death occurred just 3 weeks later.

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How to Find and Keep Talent in the Queensland Construction Sector

construction workers

In a recent article on a construction website, the issue of construction staff retention was raised. This is obviously a pertinent issue, especially within the Queensland construction industry, as the article highlighted.

Attracting and retaining the best staff is a challenging but crucial issue for any construction business.

According to the article one surprising factor may have a greater influence on staff attraction and retention than we realise and that factor is mental health.

Each year there are about 190 suicides in the construction industry, according to Mates in Construction, and this equates to more than 30 per cent of the industry.

Construction workers are 6 times more likely to die from suicide than a workplace accident, so addressing mental health is key.

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Report by Ombudsman Questions Methods of The Building Watchdog


The Fair Work Building and Construction, the construction industry watchdog, headed by Nigel Hadgkiss, has been condemned by the ombudsman for breaching confidentiality of people it is examining and for using questionable interviewing techniques.

Colin Neave, Commonwealth ombudsman has investigated 12 examinations by the watchdog in 2014/2015 financial year and made a number of recommendations to Mr Hadgkiss, the director of FWBC in a report tabled in federal parliament.

The ombudsman found that in a number of interviews, the FWBC examiners finished the examinee’s sentences rather than allow the examinee to finish.

The examiners also asked examinees to speculate or use questions to suggest evidence.

The Turnbull government is trying to replace the FWBC with the Australian Building and Construction Commission.


Sydney Man Charged Over Fraudulent White Cards


The New South Wales Police and Australian Federal Police through a joint operation have identified and charged a 37 year old Sydney man for fraudulently issuing white cards.

The man was allegedly charging clients $150 to complete the online examinations on their behalf.

A federal mandate requires that construction workers be in possession of a White Card when working on a construction site anywhere in Australia.

Regardless of where the white card is earned, the accreditation is nationally recognised, a fact that criminals have been taking advantage of

According to police the man promoted his business by word of mouth and had managed to sell at least 400 of the fraudulent cards.

This man not only put his clients at risk because they entered a high risk work environment without the necessary safety training but he also put other workers on sites at risk as well as the public.

At we take safety seriously which is why we ensure we take the necessary steps to stop fraud.

Some of the ways we do this is our progressive webcam technology, intensive ID checks, verbal assessments and random assessment questions.

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Perth Businesses Face Problems Recycling Asbestos Construction Waste

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Authorities determined to recycle construction waste have been accused of laying the foundations for future asbestos victims by industry insiders.

Perth contractors have complained that they are accumulating large stockpiles of construction waste which they cannot resell because there is no market for it and cannot dump because it’s too expensive. Government has raised landfill fees by more than 500 per cent.

Some contractors say the government is being reckless by allowing recycled construction waste products to have 0.001 per cent asbestos. Read more at

Bullying in the workplace is Unacceptable


A Geelong carpenter has pleaded guilty to one rolled up charge for workplace bullying under the 2004 OHS Act for failing to provide a safe system of work to an apprentice worker.

The builder was charged $12,500 for bullying an apprentice over a period of 2 years until he left in April 2015.

The worker was subjected to repeated abuse and harassment during the 2 year period, including having a live mouse put down his shirt and being spat on by an employee. The apprentice was also drenched with water, slapped with timber, scraped with sandpaper and had hot drill saw bits held against his skin.

This case proves that bullying will not be tolerated in the workplace. See more