Man Injured after Rolling Machine into Ditch

Roadwork construction can be dangerous, as an incident in north east Victoria has proven.

A man in his sixties suffered minor injuries after a machine he was operating rolled over and landed in a ditch.

The man was operating the machine in Wooragee on a roadworks site when the machine rolled, causing him to be trapped inside the machine for nearly half an hour.

He was taken to hospital by paramedics.

Whether you’re involved in road works, civil construction, infrastructure construction or even renovation work on houses, you must be in possession of a whitecard, to prove that you have completed mandatory construction induction safety training.

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Solar Farm Construction Site Accident Results in Fatality


Tragedy has struck at a solar farm under construction near Port Augusta where a worker was pinned under machinery.

The worker passed away after being pinned at a site in Stirling North. Safe SA is investigating the incident.

Construction is underway on the first stage of the sprawling farm, with the second stage expected to begin construction early next year.

The site which contains hundreds of solar panels will be one of the largest in Australia and will generate enough power to cater for more than 20,000 households.

It is believed numerous contractors are working on the massive construction site.

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Poor Safety around Mobile Plant Addressed by Work Safe Victoria

Over the course of the month of May, WorkSafe Victoria targeted poor safety around mobile plant as part of a campaign, aimed at minimizing fatalities and injuries on building sites.

Inspectors visited sites to ensure employers and contractors have identified the hazards associated with this type of machinery and are addressing any risk to workers or the public.

WorkSafe said that over the past decade, 16 people lost their lives working with or around machinery on construction sites, including forklifts, cranes, front end loaders, elevated work platforms, skid steer loaders, concrete trucks and other types of powered mobile plant.


Construction Goliaths at Work

The latest in intelligent technology heavy equipment can be seen in action in this impressive video.

Construction machinery has come a long way in the past century and the things that these machines can do is quite amazing.

If you’re in to technology and construction machinery you’re not going to want to miss this video.

Construction Machinery in Action

Here’s another amazing construction machinery video to showcase some of the latest advancements in machinery and equipment in the industry

From this video it’s evident why operators need to hold a high risk license and be adequately trained and qualified before getting behind the wheel of one of these on a building site.


Worker Suffers Lacerations and Burns while Cleaning Machinery

An important part of construction work is engaging with all types of machinery on site. Without these machines, we wouldn’t have the sophisticated methods of construction we do today and probably wouldn’t be able to build the magnificent structures and skyscrapers that have become so common in our world. Sadly these machines which facilitate advancements in building methods also present some of the biggest hazards. One of these hazards is presented when the machines are being maintained and cleaned.

An accident which happened in New Jersey, in New York is an example of the risks associated with cleaning machinery during construction activities. A worker suffered serious injuries which required his hospitalisation after an accident involving a piece of equipment used in the road construction project.

The machinery was being used for paving a road way when the worker attempted to clean some asphalt off the machine when the accident occurred. Read an excerpt from the article on which explains what went down,

bildeTOMS RIVER — A road construction worker, operating a piece of machinery Monday night at Route 70 and Massachusetts Avenue, suffered burns and lacerations to his leg and was hospitalized, police said.

Police Chief Michael Mastronardy said the construction worker, 27-year-old Ben Lugo of Toms River, had his leg pinned for about three minutes in the unspecified piece of equipment while doing paving work on Massachusetts Avenue.

A co-worker of Lugo’s, 22-year-old Jerry Bove of Brick, told police that Lugo was attempting to clean some asphalt from the machine when his feet became caught under a belt and metal, Mastronardy said.

Fellow workers were able to free Lugo by using a torch and pry bar, cutting the metal that was trapping him.

Lugo was flown by MONOC helicopter to the trauma unit at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune

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This accident highlighted a very important issue regarding maintenance of machinery, and cleaning in particular. Maintenance is critical to ensure continuous productivity of the machine and also has an impact on OH&S.

So good maintenance and cleaning of machinery is essential to keep machines and work environment safe and machines reliable but maintenance is in itself is a high-risk activity and therefore  it has to be performed in a safe way, with appropriate protection of maintenance workers and all those present on the site.

When conducting basic maintenance and cleaning of equipment there are certain procedures that should be followed and the manufacturer’s recommendations should also be considered and adhered to when developing these plans and procedures for cleaning of machines and equipment. A risk assessment should be carried out and workers should be involved in this process.

The work area needs to be secured by preventing unauthorised access, for example, by using barriers and signs.

If possible, guards should be designed so as to allow minor maintenance on the machines without removing the safeguards. If the guard must be removed or deactivated, then lock-off procedures should be followed.

It is also vitally important that the appropriate machinery and equipment be used for cleaning machines.

Workers involved in maintenance tasks should have the appropriate tools and equipment, which may be different from those that they normally use.

By sticking to the safe work procedures workers can avoid painful and costly accidents and ensure continuous productivity on site.


Caution required when Working near Construction Vehicles and Machinery

A construction worker was seriously injured following an incident on a construction site. The man was hit in the chest by a cement truck chute, which unexpectedly swung from the truck causing him to become unconscious and be admitted into hospital in a serious condition. The accident highlights the risk associated with vehicles and machinery on construction sites. Read what happened according to a post on

3A construction worker was hurt Monday after being hit in the chest by a cement truck chute.

Paramedics were called to the intersection at Bronson and Gladstone avenues just after 1 p.m.. Crews were laying cement in the area when the chute swung from the truck, striking the 47-year-old in the chest and pinning him against the truck.

Co-workers were able to free the man, who briefly lost consciousness but was awake when emergency crews arrived on scene, said paramedic spokesman J.P. Trottier.

The man suffered a fractured sternum as well as back injuries and is in serious condition in hospital.


Chute safety is an issue often not addressed during site safety training because many employers do not deem it as a big enough threat, but no matter how seemingly “small” the risk, every hazard needs to be identified and addressed.

When working with a cement truck which has a chute ensure everyone involved with work with the chute has been instructed and trained on its safe use. Also check that ground conditions are acceptable for cement truck use. If the conditions are too muddy or slippery, inform the person in charge and consider rescheduling if possible.

Before discharge find an open area to do so. Also watch out for people andequipment on the truck’s blind side. Never allow a person to stand inthe path of an unfolding chute. Ensure you have adequate footing before untying and lifting thechute.

Remember to keep your hands, arms and loose clothing clear of the pivot points when folding or unfolding the chutes because these can cut your fingers or severe them right off.

Also exercise extreme caution when carrying the chute. Hold it close to your body and keep a firm footing.

When fresh concrete is being discharged wear the appropriate protective equipment and clothing to avoid skin or eye contact because this concrete can cause burns and other injuries such as eye injury. Also prolonged exposure to wet concrete or the moisture in the concrete cancause severe skin burns.

When the cement is being discharged from the chute, do not allow anyone under the chute and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Once the pouring of the concrete has been completed, move the truck to an area designatedby the contractor that is clear of construction activity and truck traffic.

Ensure that water spray is directed away from workers and keep them away from the truck when not in use as well as when it is in use, to avoid accidents such as the one above.

Also ensure that the chutes are thoroughly cleaned after use and stowed in a way that will avoid dropping concrete or stones on the roadway.


Worker Loses Leg – Danger of Unguarded Machinery on Construction Sites

An article on discussed the risks associated with unguarded machinery on construction sites. The incident involved a construction boss who was well aware of machinery guards missing yet failed to take action.

A contractor has been fined for an incident during which a worker’s lower leg had to be amputated after he slipped into an unguarded concrete mixer. The worker was part of a group engaging in road construction work sealing off a pavement when the incident occurred, now his life will never be the same again. Investigators said that the mixer should not have been used once the guard had been removed.

The injured worker slipped as he was climbing from a flatbed lorry which was parked next to the mixer. The worker put his left leg down to steady himself and accidently entered the unguarded opening of the mixer as its moving paddles severely injured his lower left leg, consequently it had to be amputated at the knee.

This excerpt taken from explains further:

HSE found the guard over the rotating paddles in the petrol-powered mixer had been removed the day before the incident and not replaced.

Incident will have a huge impact on the rest of his life

Colin Boon of West Street, Biddulph, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to a breach of Section 3(1) of The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and was fined £6,700 and ordered to pay £8,000 in costs.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector Alastair Choudhury said:

“This was an entirely preventable incident and a young man has sustained an injury that will have a huge impact on the rest of his life. Colin Boon failed in his duties to these workers. He was aware the guard had been removed and took no action to prevent use of the machine on the 13 September 2013.

Guarding on machinery is there for a reason – to prevent people getting hurt. If it is removed, absent or defective, employers are putting employees and others at risk of injury or death. No commercial pressure to take these risks is justified and the potential costs of incidents far outweigh any savings in time or money.


Machinery such as mixers are a hazard like any other and as the law dictates hazards on construction sites, once identified need to be assessed and if possible eliminated. If the hazard cannot be eliminated, the risk associated with the hazard should be minimised. One of the ways of minimising the risks involved with mixers is ensuring that appropriate guarding is present, failure to do so is a breach of duty, even in Oz.

Although the employer in the story above suffered a financial loss, the real loser here is the employee who now has to go through life with only one fully functional leg. Every aspect of his life has changed and his quality of life will never be the same. However he was fortunate to have escaped with his life, others may not be as lucky.