Importance of White Card in Maintaining Safety

Although workers and potential workers of the construction industry may be aware of the kind of activities that construction work entails they may not be aware of all the possible dangers that they may be presented with once they enter a construction site. These “dangers” we refer to as hazards and by undergoing construction induction training workers and potential workers can learn about these hazards and how to best overcome them once they begin working on site.

Some of the hazards presented by construction sites that require training in order to overcome include: scaffolding, work from heights, power tool use, heavy machinery and equipment use, trenches and excavations etc.

In the past the safety of employees hasn’t been too high on the priority list of employers however employers do have a duty of care to provide workers with a safe work environment, safe system of work site specific safety training and the appropriate PPE and supervision – all of this is aimed at combatting construction accidents which can leave workers injured, maimed or killed.

Workplace health and Safety (WHS) is one of the most important issues for employers to consider but it is also the responsibility of employees. Employees in the construction sector must undergo safety training prior to entering a site and must apply the knowledge learnt while engaging in work on the site. Workers must abide by the training they have been provided and follow safety procedures as set out by their employers. They must also utilise PPE as directed by employer and never work in an unsafe manner that would endanger their own health and safety and that of their co-worker/s.

The construction industry is an extremely rewarding industry which offers workers many benefits and room for growth however it is also an industry of potential hazards. The opportunity for injury is great and in fact this is one of the most dangerous industries, that is why it is essential that workers are aware of how to safely work on a construction site. It is also important that workers are aware of the regulations set by the government in order to keep them and their colleagues safe from harm.

Every worker should complete the online White Card Training Course to certify that they are qualified to work on a site.  Each site worker is ultimately responsible for his own safety but they also have a responsibility to ensure that he/she does not put the lives of his/her co-workers at risk.  Therefore no matter the task being undertaken, every construction worker should ensure that he is working safely and according to the safety he/she has received. Hazards may vary from site to site and also different hazards may emerge as the project progresses so workers who are well trained on the various hazards that may present themselves in the construction industry during general induction training are better equipped than those who have received site specific training only.