Audit Proves Waste Reduction Possible

construction waste

Around 80 per cent of materials used on some WA building sites can be reused or recycled, Murdoch University students recently found.

Students worked with a construction company who volunteered 3 of their building sites to be assessed. They noted that savings were possible if best practice waste reduction is introduced.

Most waste materials come from the sand and masonry side of construction.

Construction companies in WA have been urged to increase the recycling of their waste because the landfill levy rate has almost doubled from $29 per tonne to $55 per tonne for waste that could decay and increased five-fold from $12 up to $60 per cubic metre for inert waste.


Robot Takes the Place of Bricklayers on Colorado Construction Site


With construction technology developing at such a staggeringly fast pace, could robots be the future of construction safety?

According to a contractor on a construction site in Colorado, USA, a bricklaying robot is not only helping keep masons safe, but is also filling in the skills gap left by the growth in construction activity and lack of young people entering the industry.

Could this be the way forward for all construction? Read more about it here.

Masonry – Do You Want To Begin?

Masonry is the laying of materials (usually concrete) in a structure so as to create a wall, pillar or any supporting structure. The units laid are often bound by mortar or another kind of material such as cement. But Masonry is like anything else on a construction site, it requires a white card – so get online and get yours today!

In case you are thinking of learning masonry, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Masonry.


It increases the thermal mass of a building

Reduces building life cycle costs

Gives heat resistance

Stronger in case of natural disasters

Can have life cycle of over 500 years


Cold weather can degrade the quality

Damage can be common when using bricks but not concrete blocks

Masonry work can be heavy and hard

Not usually suitable for tropical climates

So if this seems likethe kind of thing you would be interested in learning, then jump online and first complete the white card course to obtain your construction induction card. This will allow you to work on any construction site around Australia.