Are we Using Insulating Concrete Forms Enough?


We’ve already spoken about the benefits of timber construction and prefabricated construction, improving construction productivity and effiency but another durable form of construction uses Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).

An article on asked the question, are insulating concrete forms underused in Australia?

There was a case of a structural engineer whose house was the only one left standing after Hurricane Katrina in the neighbourhood, having used insulated concrete forms.

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Mirvac Reduces Construction Tie with Prefabricated Walls

prefab walls

Mirvac is turning to prefabricated construction to help combat problems caused by the tradie shortage.

According to the company, prefabricated walls on a duplex construction site in Western Sydney helped cut construction duration by 10 weeks.

Having entire walls prefabricated and then delivered to site has a two-fold advantage, it circumvents the labour shortages and addresses any weather delay issues.

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Roadway Development Speeds up with Prefabricated road blocks


Prefabricated brick roads are the latest technology in the construction industry and are expected to speed up road construction dramatically.

The durable bricks were developed by Dutch company VolkerWesslers out of recycled plastic, so not only are they eco-friendly but they’re also cost efficient, lightweight and durable. They also speed up the construction process.

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