Serious Safety Incident Leads to WorkSafe ACT Investigation

A serious safety incident has happened at a high rise residential construction site in Braddon.

WorkSafe ACT is investigating the incident.

A safety inspector visited the site following a report that prefabricated concrete panels collapsed into a lift shaft.

Reports say one panel fell approximately 7 metres into the shaft well.

Thankfully the shaft was empty at the time of the collapse and nobody was injured.

Officials are investigating the cause of the collapse and have engaged an independent engineer to assist in the investigation.

WorkSafe said it will be providing safety advice to the state and national construction industry, since the incident is a significant one.


Prefabricated Factory to Open in Sydney Soon

Londoncrane1As the adoption of prefabricated construction methods spreads around Australia and the world, Sydney is going to get a new factory that will push the construction method to new heights.

Lendlease will open their prefabricated materials factory in Sydney next year with the company’s initial investment being a modest $15 million.

This new factory is expected to cause a “disruption” in the construction industry according to Lendlease and its representative. Read here for more.