Importance of Controlling Fire Explosion Risks on Construction Sites

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I came across an article on recently which discussed the importance of implementing measures for controlling the risks of fire and explosion in workplace.

The construction site is a particularly high risk work environment and the risks of fires and explosions are high.

Employers need to address these risks and eliminate them or implement controls to minimise these risks.

The article goes on to provide a list of measures to assist in this regard including using flameproof equipment on site.

It’s also important to ensure all workers have received the necessary safety training, including white card training. See more at

Construction Worker Rescued after Fall down Elevator Shaft

construction worker

A construction worker had to be rescued after falling down an elevator shaft. The man apparently lost his footing and fell 2 storeys down an elevator shaft from the fifth floor to the 3rd floor.

The worker sustained neck injuries and rib fractures but is lucky to be alive. He is recovering in hospital in a critical but stable condition. This incident is another reminder of how high risk work on a construction site can be, especially when there is the risk of falling.

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Women Apprehensive about Male Dominated Industries


According to a recent international survey of about 1000 women, most women stay away from traditionally male dominated industries such as construction  because of  typically “macho behaviour” and male colleagues that are “patronising”. These 2 reasons were even more motivation for women to refrain from construction work than low pay or boredom.

Read more about the research here. 

Construction Worker Killed by Swarm of Bees


A  construction worker was recently killed while evaluating a site in Southern California.

The man was attacked by a swarm of bees, whose underground hive he accidentally disturbed.

This incident proves the importance of evaluating sites safely before beginning work, especially rural sites or those which may be inhabited by dangerous animals, reptiles and/or insects.

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