Calls to Stop Abuse against Road Construction Workers

Tweed Shire Council has once again appealed to motorists to remain calm if roadworks happen to delay their journey following the third reported incident of motorist aggression and assault of road workers in the area this year.

The latest report to the police involved a driver who drove at and hit a traffic controller in May.

In April a motorist drove at and nudged a traffic controller on Kyogle Road and in March a motorist stopped and verbally abused a traffic controller on Tweed Valley Way.

These incidents are being addressed by the police but it’s obvious road rage incidents against road workers is escalating.

In light of these incidents Tweed GM Troy Green reminded residents that there are a lot of roadworks happening in the shire at the moment and it should not be a surprise to any motorist that you might encounter a stop / slow flagman and delays. He added that while they try to keep the delay to less than 5 minutes, this isn’t always possible but abuse is never warranted.

Motorists have been warned that they can expect to be charged and prosecuted if they assault a roadworker.

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Tragedy Strikes at Road Construction Site on Pacific Highway


Site of the accident which resulted in one fatality


Although the trucking industry often gets a bad rap when it comes to road safety, it isn’t always truckies to blame for crashes involving trucks, as was the case in the incident above. In fact it is believed that the truckie did all he could to avoid the crash.

A 42 year old man has died after being involved in a head on collision with a tip truck. According to reports the driver of the tip truck attempted to avoid the Subaru Forester as it entered into his path, unfortunately he was unsuccessful.

The accident happened when the 42 year old man driving the Subaru, veered into the wrong side of the road, right into the path of the heavy tip truck.

The truck driver was uninjured but was taken to hospital where he was treated for shock. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the driver of the car to move into the oncoming lane, possibly he lost control of the vehicle or swerved to avoid something in the road at an 80km/h single-lane section of under-construction roadway on a slight bend. Sadly he did not survive.

Read what an article on had to say about the accident:

THE driver of a tip truck involved in yesterday’s fatal head-on that claimed the life of an Emerald Beach man, tried to avoid the oncoming car, police were told.

Investigations are continuing to determine what caused the 42-year-old deceased male driver of a Subaru Forester to veer onto the incorrect side into the path of the truck.

The man the sole occupant of the vehicle was headed south on the Pacific Hway towards Moonee Beach when the crash happened around 8am.

The peak-hour tragedy left the truck driver, a man aged in his 40s, hospitalised with shock.

At the time of the crash the man, an employee of the Leightons Fulton Hogan consortium, was working on the Sapphire to Woolgoolga Pacific Highway upgrade.

Police said the crash happened near the old Hoys Rd intersection north of Cunningham’s Creek just past the Moonee Beach turn-off.

It happened on an 80km/h single-lane section of under-construction roadway on a slight bend.

Coffs Clarence Duty Officer Inspector Bob Hanzic said investigations are continuing.

“You wouldn’t expect an accident to happen on that section of road, unless there was an underlying factor that contributed to the crash and that’s what we are investigating,” Inspt. Hanzic said.


Investigators have called upon any road users who may have seen what happened to come forward with information in helping to determine what lead to this tragic event.

The crash also led to serious inconvenience for motorists who were caught in the morning traffic rush on the Northern Beaches after the section of the highway had to be closed as the accident was cleared. The highway was only reopened after 11am much to the annoyance of road users.