Roadworks will Improve Connection between Coasts


Road improvements on a section of Counter Road between Cooloola and Noosa are expected to begin mid-2018 and will improve the connection between the Fraser, Cooloola and Sunshine Coasts.

The road sealing works which are estimated to cost $2 million will involve sealing the gravel road with bitumen, which will improve safety and reduce travel times. The project is being funded entirely by the federal government.

The improvements will also improve capacity on the road network between coastal communities.  See more at:

Watch a Road Being Constructed

Here’s an interesting road construction time-lapse video of the King Georges Road Interchange. There’s something so satisfying and fulfilling about watching construction time-lapses, almost as if the process happens so effortlessly and quickly, of-course those of us actually in the construction industry know about the numerous hassles, delays and hiccups that inevitably accompany almost every construction project.

Worker Crushed by Concrete Slab on Road Construction Site

concrete slab

A worker was hospitalised on Wednesday after being crushed by a concrete slab on a road construction site in NSW.

The man, in his 30s sustained serious injuries after he became trapped under a heavy slab before being freed by emergency services. He was treated for injuries to the lower part of his body.

The incident is under investigation by WorkCover.

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Arson Delays Construction at Tanna road construction site

lorry burnt

A fire that delayed construction at Vanuatu road construction site has been blamed on arson.

Work on the road building project was delayed after a construction lorry was set on fire at the site in Tanna.

Assistant Secretary General for Tafea Province, David Tavovur explained that 4 suspects had been questioned, but released and the investigation is ongoing.

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Road Construction Timelapse Video

We often see time-lapse videos of buildings and skyscrapers, but it is interesting to see exactly what goes in to construction on a suburban street in Canada. Can you spot the differences and similarities with how we do things here in Australia?