Utilising Rough Terrain Vehicles – White Card Presents

Rough terrain equipment is not just used for what you think it might be used for, and in addition,  it has similar operational safety to what is described in the White Card Course anyway. This kind of equipment does not only function in harsh terrain, but also in any terrain which means that it can be a perfect all weather choice. This comes in handy if you are moving around a lot or if the construction that you perform is one where the site is always at a different location (Yes, I know it is uncommon). Overall, the white card online course will not teach you this benefit as it is more of a trade secret that you pick up on the way.

White Card Presents RT Forklifts

There are a few new RT forklifts that are out there recently, the JCB RT forklift 926, 930 and 940 are always a good front runner. The forklift is a classic piece of equipment that is used on almost every construction site, but at the same time it can be very dangerous, if the weather changes or the terrain gets difficult. White Card won’t teach you this because it is derived from what it does teach which is to always be on the lookout for a safer way to operate.

White Card Australia

White Card Demonstrates – RT Cranes

The Sany SRC860 crane was released 6 months ago, and just like the aforementioned forklift, this crane can operate safely in almost any terrain. Just remember that to use the Sany SRC860 you need to have completed you’re White Card Course first, so that you can work on any construction site/project around Australia. The mentioned crane has 250-horsepower with a Tier 3 Cummins engine, while it also has a Dana Powershift transmission. With the ability to carry 60 tonnes of weight at a 10 foot radius, this crane is not one to be missed. Another plus is that this is the first crane to have been developed by a combined American/Chinese team.


If you are interested in this crane, then also check out these links below for more information on the mentioned crane, and another competitor.

Sany SRC860 RT crane here

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The White Card Methodology

So go online and get your oh&s construction induction card today (white card) so that you can work on any construction site around Australia safely. White Card also teaches that you need to keep research up and always look for ways to make your work site a more safer and happier one.