Worker Falls to His Death at Olympic Stadium Site


A stadium in The UK which is being converted into the new home of West ham was the site of a tragedy when a worker fell to his death on Sunday morning.

The 44 year old worker was a subcontractor on the site where the conversion was underway.

This tragedy once again highlights the risks of working from heights. In Australia and abroad falls from heights are among the most common causes of workplace deaths.

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WorkCover To Inspect a Maitland CBD Redevelopment Site

Artist’s Impression of Levee Project

WorkCover will investigate safety at a Maitland redevelopment site after concerns were raised by locals.

According to the article on, the Levee project is a multi-million dollar project that will include the refurbishment of High Street in Maitland.

Some of the concerns raised by locals include traffic hazards and unsafe walkways. Construction has been delayed because of the complaints.

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Electrical Safe Office Issues Warning on DIY Repairs on Electrical Equipment


The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) is asking electrical contractors to remind customers not to attempt their own electrical repairs.

An investigation is currently underway into the death of a man last week where a vacuum cleaner was found disassembled, exposing live parts.

The tragedy is an reminder of the serious risks of working with electricity.

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Unions Say Some High Rise Buildings are “Ticking Time Bombs”

CBF7BY (1)
Unions concerned about fire risks of high rise buildings.  Source:

Cheap building materials and cladding in particular have made certain buildings in Australia, a fire hazard, the union and fire experts warn.

Materials that are imported (mainly from China) and do not meet Australian standards are turning high rise buildings into “ticking time bombs”, the unions warn.

They are calling on the government to conduct an audit of buildings. Click here to find out more.


Stress Management for Construction Workers

foreign-construction-workerManaging stress has become an issue that we in the construction industry must address if we are to reduce suicides, improve safety and boost productivity on work sites.

Factors such as a heavy workload, traveling,  having responsibility for the safety of others, working long hours and the high risk involved with construction work sometimes brings more stress than other workplaces.

Addressing stress similarly to other risks is one way of tackling the issue…

  • Step 1: Identify the hazards
  • Step 2: Decide who might be harmed and how
  • Step 3: Evaluate the risk and take action
  • Step 4: Record your findings
  • Step 5: Monitor and review

More tips on stress management here.


Safety Video : Preventing Trips and Falls on Site

Trips and Falls are responsible for great number of injuries on construction sites and although the subject is covered in brief by White Card training (mandatory safety training for all construction workers), more in-depth training may be necessary in specific cases.

Watch this informative safety video to brush up on your safety knowledge.