Fine Employment Opportunities in Australia

There are a lot of good job opportunities throughout Australia, especially when you have your White Card, since you can work on any site in Australia (unlike the old cards, which only allowed you to work in your state). But one particularly good looking job opportunity was in the defense housing companies. Check out what they do in the article exert below:White Card Online

“Established in 1988 primarily in response to the dissatisfaction of Australian Defence Force members who were seeking out appropriate housing options, Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is now an industry leader in both quality and innovation. Supported by nearly twelve thousand investors while receiving approximately five hundred investor enquiries monthly, DHA has developed a strong reputation as a provider of good quality homes for members of the Australian Defence Force and their families.

DHA engages with a wide variety of construction industry-specific organisations such as the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Planning Institute of Australia, the Master Builders Association of Australia, the Housing Industry Association and the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

As a Government Business Enterprise responsible for providing adequate and appropriate housing for Australian Defence Force members, DHA operates via three main activities: purchasing properties outright, leasing properties from owners, and building and developing new properties. Each year, DHA receives a rolling forecast of housing needs from the Department of Defence so that it might plan out its future purchases, leases, and construction activities in each region for the next four to five years. Approximately two thousand new leases are commissioned each year.

Funding for these various activities is provided through DHA’s sale and leaseback program, whereby investors are afforded the opportunity to purchase properties managed by DHA, to be leased as Defence housing. The company typically aims to strike a lease agreement with its investors for a period of ten years, which is sometimes extended to fifteen or even twenty.

“We’re a very unique organisation,” comments Peter Howman, Chief Operating Officer of DHA. With a national scope to its business, DHA is largely immune to many of the issues which affect developers at the local or state level. “If the construction or the housing market is not so good in a particular area… but we’re still required to deliver housing there, we can do that because we may have houses in our portfolio in other states such as Queensland where the industry is going very well.” DHA can then balance out its portfolio by selling properties in the more lucrative markets.

In this way, Peter Howman says DHA doesn’t see itself in competition with developers, despite currently holding well over a billion dollars in development projects. Most typically, DHA only engages in development projects in areas where not enough retail land is available to meet its specific requirements at the time.

“It ebbs and flows, depending on the market at the time,” explains Mr Howman. “Post-GFC, a lot of developers are finding it difficult to get funding to finish their developments, so consequently we’ve had to step into the market.”

Being a Government Business Enterprise, DHA must operate in a commercially active way. As such, it aims to provide housing using the best commercial practices not only so that it may deliver a quality product for both its clients and its investors, but also to provide satisfactory shareholder returns.

“We try wherever possible to engage with local suppliers and contractors. We feel it’s important for us to do that because the locals prove time and again to be absolutely invaluable with the specific knowledge that they have. They understand the regional and the local planning guidelines and the community expectations. When we deliver a development, we’re delivering it into a community and we want that community to take ownership of the whole development.”

This community appreciation arises out of the organisation itself, as emphasised by Mr Howman, who says: “The organisation really hinges around our people. We have what we think is a very good workplace culture and a very strong focus on work health and safety. They are motivated, engaged employees who like coming to work – that’s important for us.”

All DHA staff work under the Australian Public Service Act and so are public servants although the majority have heralded from industry, which enables the DHA to harness those essential practical skills. Says Mr Howman, “It’s a good way to actually get that mix where people come from industry and join DHA, spend some time with DHA and get to understand how the government works. So we get a good cross flow and pollination of staff and ideas.”

DHA offers a variety of professional development opportunities for its staff so they may keep abreast of the current issues affecting the industry. Working for DHA also offers a very wide range of job opportunities within the construction, development, and real estate industries.

Explains Mr Howman, “We’ve got a fairly large property management business where we manage nearly nineteen thousand properties, and then of course we’ve got a sales program where we raise around three hundred and fifty million dollars per annum. Overall, it’s quite a complex business, so it’s a great company for those who want to get in right across the breadth of the housing industry.”

“It is very difficult and challenging to orchestrate, but I think that’s why we are able to attract staff into our business – because of the coordination and the interaction between the different businesses. It’s quite an exciting and dynamic business, because the challenges that you face in the Northern Territory, for example, are different than those you face in Adelaide or Sydney or Melbourne, and you’ve got to be dealing with all of these issues simultaneously.”

Affordability is one of the big challenges affecting the housing sector as a whole. Across the nation, retail land is scarce and the time it takes in planning and rezoning brings up the costs. To succeed in the face of these challenges, DHA is aiming to develop innovative cost-effective construction methods.

“Our main aim is pretty simple – it’s to provide high quality sustainable housing that meets the needs of the Australian Defence Force. We want to be leaders in the housing industry, and part of why we say that is because the volume of what we build and the type of clients that we have provides us with the ability to assist the whole industry with moving forward using some of the newer innovations. We spend a lot of time and energy looking into modern architecture and design functions that really push the envelope of the standard housing and development construction of today.”

Article was sourced from Australian Construction Focus Online,

A Few Interesting Points About This Article:

There are a few interesting things revealed in this exert, listed below

– They mentioned that they can build in any area as “If the construction or the housing market is not so good in a particular area… but we’re still required to deliver housing there, we can do that because we may have houses in our portfolio in other states such as Queensland where the industry is going very well.”

– This means, ideally, that you will be sure there is a constant level of employment in a firm such as this, and also a steady level of advancement capability. This makes it an ideal company to work for, with steady and rewarding jobs.

– They also stated “We spend a lot of time and energy looking into modern architecture and design functions that really push the envelope of the standard housing and development construction of today.”

– The work is obviously new and ‘different’ as seen in this quote, so construction for the defense force is not really as dull as it first may seem (you aren’t even given orders!).

This next article is more to do with a traditional construction and engineering firm. The interesting thing is that this firm combines engineering and construction to deliver “the whole package” as they say. Still note though, that both engineers and construction workers need to complete their white card courses online! Check it out below:

“Brunton Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd was founded in 1996 to service industrial organisations with specialised civil engineering requirements. Building on proprietor Geoff Brunton’s extensive industrial and engineering background, the company aims to provide a complete structural, civil and mechanical engineering, design, implementation, manufacturing and project management capability. Operating from a modern office and factory complex in Somerton on Melbourne’s northern fringe, Brunton Engineering is strategically situated in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, close to all major highway connections.

Geoff told us that Brunton Engineering’s core advantage is the fact that “we can do the civil work and the mechanical work. You have got a combination of talents and experience that can look after the complete project.” This means a client does not have to engage first a builder, then a mechanical contractor, and then an electrician or plumber. “We can do the whole show.” Brunton Engineering carries out a lot of factory relocation work. “In the past we have done a lot of relocations of machinery and plant and the refurbishing of sites to prepare for a move.”

The company has an extremely useful brochure for clients who want it to prepare for a move. Geoff says it’s all about the little things – no-one ever gets a move 100 per cent correct but taking account of less obvious but nevertheless important items makes the move go smoother. He recounts a tale of a client who had failed to notice that his new premises featured gates too narrow for semitrailers to enter. Other tips that one might expect to be taken into account (but often aren’t) include making sure the fire regulations are in order and that there is sufficient power, gas, water and compressed air. “Sometimes it is the most obvious thing that no one looks at, but usually it is not the big things that get messed up but the little things, and no matter how many times you do it there is still something that will go wrong, I can assure you.”

As you can see, this article demonstrates the more classic issues that clients have with projects, and details exactly what it is that their construction workers and engineers do. One more interesting thing about choosing this company type for employment is that it incorporates a lot of teamwork into the processes as they state “we can do the civil work and the mechanical work. You have got a combination of talents and experience that can look after the complete project.” The combination of talents would make this an interesting work environment, but the employment might not be as constant as those working for a defense construction firm. There will always be a need for the defense forces, but civil and mechanical engineering is a volatile industry!

Before you can even START applying for jobs in any of these firms, you first need to go online and apply for white card online, to get your oh&s white card. This will allow you on any site in Australia, and is very crucial for construction.

As a final note, another industry that you might want to look into in Australia is the mining industry where there is a reasonable skill shortage. You might have to travel a bit but I’m sure it would pay off. Check out the video below on it: it’s a bit old but it still applies.


Choosing Construction and What You Will Be Using – White Card Online

The white card construction course online teaches you several things to do with construction, and while it teaches you how to be safe on the site, you also need to be able to enjoy your job. This means that you have to like construction, and as such you must think about whether or not you would really like to get into the construction industry. There are several things about construction that you might find appealing, and the first of which is that it is manual labor with your mates, that also requires a fair bit of planning and creativity. There are also several opportunities within the industry, such as promotions and bonuses that you might want to consider, when considering the industry.

What Kind Of Life Will I Expect? White Card Online Teaches

A construction worker lives a pretty good life, lets be honest. And they often progress through the ranks to a more highly paid position, and essentially they really do have a great life. The work is challenging and the mates you will gain become endless, but this only really can happen if the construction industry is for you. You need to be expecting a hard days work all the time, and you have to be able to think on the job, while always exercising safety and using your common sense. This is something that the white card online course teaches, you need to be on the ball all the time as a lapse of judgement could result in the safety of a co-worker being compromised. When you are working with machinery and heavy equipment at heights, this can be very dangerous. But not only this, you need to be on the ball when constructing so that the building you make is safe and structurally sound.

You might want to check out this video below, on the lifestyle of an American Iron Worker. It’s a much harder one! But you do get used to it (apparently)

The Essential Tools For This Lifestyle

If you think that the construction industry is best suited to you, then you will want to get familiar with the primary equipment that you will be using. This includes a lot of pieces of machinery and construction tools, but one fundamental aspect of construction is the scaffolding necessity. But apparently American iron workers have no such need for scaffolding as seen in the video above! So let’s take a look at some of the origins and applications of scaffolding.

I know that this does not exactly sound like a largely interesting topic, as you probably see scaffolding as a necessity – something white card online makes you use for your own safety. But scaffolding is actually an interesting invention, and it has been used for decades. There are even different kinds of scaffolding based on different countries. You might already know that they use bamboo as scaffolding in some Asian countries, and it is very dangerous. This danger is not something that you can expect in Australia as the white card online process ensures your safety when working on a construction site. This means that everyone on the site knows how to operate and work safely, and knows how to use scaffolding safely.

In The Ancient World – Before White Card Online!

Sadly, White Card Online has not been around for ever! So safety on construction sites has not been present in the ancient times, when scaffolding was first used. The first recorded scaffolding was in ancient Greece (the early 5th century). It was also seen to be used in Egypt, Nubia, and China around that time. This genius invention allows the construction of large and several story buildings.At this point in time, people couldn’t simply complete safety training in a fast online process!

White Card Online

In the Modern Day – White Card Online

The modern day construction site is a lot safer than an older construction site, as you can see simply by looking at some historical photographs. The famous picture of construction workers eating their lunch on a piece of garter at the site of the new york empire state building, even shows that there are massive differences in safety standards between then and now. But nowadays, scaffolding must be approved and tested before being used. Because it is essentially a light construct that is used to gain access to higher stories in building site projects, so it can be very dangerous and requires a lot of safety regulation so that nobody is injured or hurt. Even when you look at it, you realize that it is just lightweight steel used to create a structure, which has revolutionized the building process.

Grab Your White Card Online Today!

The White Card may not seem like much, in fact it really is only just a small piece of plastic. But it represents the safety training you have undertaken to allow you to work on a construction site. This kind of White Card Online training means that you can look out for your mates and yourself when on the construction site, making dangerous construction safer.


Top 10 Paying Jobs For Tradesmen

If you are looking into construction because you like it AND are in it for the money. Then you might find it interesting to see just which jobs end up paying out the most money. So here is the top 10 list! But remember you first need your construction induction card (white card).

1. Elevator Installer/Repairer

2. PowerHouse Substation and Relay Repairers

3. Transportation Inspectors

4. Petroleum Pump System Operator, Refinery Operator and Gauger

5. Power Line Installers and Repairers

6. Commercial Divers

7. Boiler Makers

8. Subway and Streetcar Operators

9. Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians

10. Oiler and Gas Rotary Drill Operators

Before you even think about signing up for any of these paying jobs though, you need to complete the white card online course so that you can do them safely!


30 Stories in 15 Days

Yes, it is possible. There has been occurrences of fast building projects but I’m sure that this has to be one of the fastest . Check out the video below to see for yourself!

Remember that before you can work on a construction site you first need to complete the white card online process, as it teaches you safety on the site and allows you to get your construction induction card


The Construction of the NBN Network

The national broadband network is the giant project throughout Australia where there is cable being laid all around Australia. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to capitalize on if you have your white card. This card allows you to work anywhere in Australia, so yes, you could work on the NBN.