SafeWork SA Reminds Employers to Protect Workers from Summer Heat Hazards


Summer is not over yet and SafeWork SA’s reminder to employers is to protect workers from summer heat hazards.

Employers with outdoor workers in particular, must take the necessary measures to manage the risks associated with heat stress and solar UV radiation.

SafeWork SA gave employers some suggestions to minimise the risks such as,

  • Adjusting workloads and schedules to avoid the times of day with most extreme temperatures such as midday.
  • Rotating work so that the hottest tasks are shared and rest breaks are increased.
  • Ensuring break areas are in shaded, cool areas and water is readily available to workers.

Employers also need to ensure workers are provided with the appropriate protective gear to minimise exposure to solar UV radiation.

Workers must apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing – loose clothing that covers the arms and legs, work in the shade and wear a hat.  Source:

SafeWork SA Apologise for Failing Victims after Failed Prosecution

SafeWork SA has apologised for the failed prosecution of a construction company following a fatal incident that caused injury to 2 women in Adelaide’s CBD.

The women were crushed by a steel construction gate in 2016 when it fell on them at North Terrace, causing them to sustain serious injuries.

SafeWork apologised to the victims after admitting to failing to secure evidence. Following the incident, SafeWork SA embarked on an immediate investigation.

SafeWork SA executive director Martyn Campbell admitted that SafeWork should have done better to secure evidence.

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SafeWork SA investigates Worker Death on Building Site

The circumstances surrounding the death of a construction worker at a site in Adelaide on Wednesday afternoon, is being investigated by SafeWork SA.

The incident which left workers at the Bedford Park site in shock, happened at about 1pm when the man collapsed,shortly after working with a jackhammer.

Co-workers attempted to revive the man but failed. He died shortly afterwards, apparently due to medical reasons.

The man was undertaking work at the hospital carpark at the time of the incident. Emergency services were called to the scene but were unable to resuscitate the man.


Getting Involved with Safe Work Week 2013

SafeWork SA is encouraging workers and employers to get involved in Safe Work Week 2013, which runs from the 28th October to the 1st of November this year.

The focus of this year’s initiative is to “Take a fresh look at work health and safety”.

SafeWork SA is urging all South Australians, regardless of industry to become more efficient when it comes to workplace safety.

I find it interesting that Safe Work SA has chosen this year’s theme to be “Take a fresh look at WHS” because it is easy to become too content and comfortable with worksites and fail to recognise new hazards and increased risk that may arise as work progresses. If we become to set in our ways we often tend to forget about safety as we concentrate solely on getting the job done.

The benefit of such initiatives is that it encourages us to think about safety more proactively whereas we would otherwise become complacent about workplace safety issues, it is useful to be reminded of the issues.

SafeWork Week has officially been launched by the Presiding Member of the SafeWork SA Advisory Council, Tom Phillips who invited people to register or plan workplace safety events of their own.

The over 60 free workshops are “tailored to meet the needs of today’s employers, workers, contractors, health and safety representatives and professionals” according to Safe Work SA.

The event this year will feature more than 60 free information seminars and will also offer workers the opportunity to have their own safety events. People have been urged to book their place as soon as possible because the program is expected to book out quickly.

The various information systems will cover old and new workplace safety issues as well as innovations and insights in workplace health and safety. Some of the topics to be covered include:

safework-sa-logoCyber Bullying and the Digital Divide

Communication in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Workplaces

Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Growing Older: Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Work

Working at Heights in Construction

Occupational Hygiene – Noise, Dust, Fumes and More

Fatigue-Proofing Your Workplace

Hazard Management and Risk Assessment


Phillips has urged workers who are unable to attend the talks to arrange their own safety events at their workplaces. Workplaces that choose to do this can register their activities online and also gain access to Safe Work resources to help.

People can register on their website and choose from a range of topics with resources available online to match those topics.

He went on to explain that workplace health and safety is the responsibility of everyone not just one entity, the employer or the worker but everyone. That is why everyone needs to participate in promoting and ensuring workplace health and safety.

For more information about Safe Work Week 2013 including the program of events or to register to hold your own events, visit