New York Skyline Changing with New Skinny Skyscraper Trend


Probably the most recognisable skyline in the world, New York is being altered by the latest in skyscraper construction trends – skinny, tall and super expensive buildings.

The character of the Manhattan skyline is being changed forever with the construction of a number of new buildings, even more tall than the Empire State Building. The prices to purchase an apartment in one of these skyscrapers is also soaring as high as the buildings themselves, with 2 recently selling for $100 million each.

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Cranes Fill the New York Skyline as Skyscraper Construction Boom Continues

New York is known as the city of skyscrapers but it appears that developers are not done just yet. In just a couple of years the skyline of the iconic city is expected to be drastically different with many new skyscrapers, each one trying to out-do the other.

Currently cranes fill the skyline and scaffolding covers pavements as many new skyscraper projects are underway.

Now watch this fascinating video of an artist draw the world famous skyline in just 2 minutes.