Vic Tradies the Safest but more needs to be Done

It is sobering to think that with each working day that passes somewhere in Victoria 10 tradespeople are suffering injuries serious enough for them to submit workers compensations claims, especially when you consider that Victoria actually has the best safety record in the country.

17,000 claims for injury over the past 5 years is too high a number and $1 billion in costs comes from construction industry injuries alone. In fact tradespeople and labourers make up the majority of workers injured, 80 per cent.  Every year around 200 health and safety breaches are found on construction sites across Victoria.

According to WorkSafe more needs to be done to improve safety and get workers talking more about safety. This is why WorkSafe has introduced the Top Tradie Cup to engage workers and get them interacting about safety. The Top Tradie Cup runs for six weeks and the competition combines safety with something most people love, football in order to test the football and safety knowledge of Victorian tradies.

An article on provides more information on the issue:

TopTradie_logoEvery day ten tradespeople are injured badly enough to need to submit a workers compensation claim according to the statistics from WorkSafe Victoria that were released today.

Over the last five years there have been over 17,000 claims for injury reported to WorkSafe from the construction industry alone that was a cost of nearly $1 billion for treatment, wages and other related costs.

When the statistics are examined, labourers and tradies account for nearly 80 per cent of workers that are injured.

Denise Cosgrove, the WorkSafe Chief Executive, said that there is more that needs to be done in the construction industry even though there seems to be a strong understanding of safety.

She said that WorkSafe inspectors in average visit 40 Victorian construction sites every day with 6500 health and safety breaches discovered annually.

Ms Cosgrove said that the numbers of deaths and injuries illustrates the need for everyone to work harder at ensuring safety at construction sites. Most of the injuries were a result of poor planning, deficient site housekeeping and not enough worker supervision.

She said that the statistics have been released today so as to spotlight the launch of the Top Tradie Cup that is designed to get tradies and others at construction sites talking about safety.


According to Cosgrove the majority of construction site injuries are caused by poor planning, poor site housekeeping and a lack of supervision and although they may not always be life-threatening, they are often painful, long-lasting and result in long periods off work costing the company, the tradie and the economy.

With the Top Tradie Cup WorkSafe aims to promote a culture of safety on work sites which will hopefully encourage behaviour change which will ultimately lead to fewer workers being injured on site thereby forcing employers to address the issues of planning, housekeeping and supervision in order to provide workers a safe work environment and safe system of work.