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Steel Rod Pierced Worker’s Skull on Construction Site

A construction worker from Central India has managed to survive a horrific workplace incident after being impaled in the skull and undergoing emergency surgery. The 21 year tradie fell into a well at a worksite and an iron rod passed

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Demand for Construction Continues to Soar

The gap between construction skills and demand is growing, according to the latest Hays report. The report highlights worker shortages across several areas in the construction sector but in particular project managers, construction managers and contract administrators are in the

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Power Tool Review Here

There’s probably no fooling you when it comes to the tools of the trades,because let’s face it, tradies know their power tools. This review may prove helpful if you haven’t already tested the Bosch 10.8V Impact Driver yourself.

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Tradesman Returns from Disaster Relief Efforts

Tradespeople are getting a chance to give back and help those in need with their skills. I just read about a Katoomba tradie who returned from a humanitarian trip to earthquake affected Nepal earlier this year. The tradie speaks candidly

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Rope Bridge built entirely by Drones

After watching construction workers risk their lives building Germany’s longest rope suspension bridge, here is a video of a rope bridge being constructed entirely by drones, no human labour is utilised. While drone construction does have it’s benefits, such as

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Tradie Shortage Made Worse By Slowing Migration

There has been a growing shortage of tradespeople for the construction industry, a shortage made worse by declining immigration and population growth numbers. Population growth in Australia is apparently at its slowest in 10 years. This coupled with slowing migration

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Useful Tips for Beginner Welders

Welders are in high demand especially now with construction booming and a looming skills shortage.  But safety must always be the main priority.  WeldmyWorld.com highlighted some important tips for welders particularly those just starting out. The golden rules for welding

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Advice from Queensland Building and Construction

The QBCC is giving contractors some advice when it comes to problematic building sites. Building Inspectors have been noticing problems with steel screw piers prompting the QBCC to post some advice on its website. On their website, the QBCC said screw

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Tax Season Approaches – Tradies, Get Some Useful Tips

The latest CSQ Onsite Magazine provides some useful information for tradies as we approach tax season. Some of the tips include what travel expenses you can claim what work-related expenses can be claimed There are also a number of videos

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Industry Mag Provides Useful Tradie and Apprentice Tips

The June edition of the construction magazine “On Site” has been published and this edition provides valuable insight to apprentices and potential construction industry workers about pursuing a career in this industry. There is also some helpful information for tradies on

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