Worker Freed after Collapsing in Perth Airport Tunnel Construction Site

A construction worker has been freed by emergency crews after an incident inside Perth’s Forrestfield Airport rail link tunnel.

The man was severely injured when a high pressure air pipe exploded and smashed him in the face.

The 35 year old man suffered serious facial injuries during the incident which happened 50 metres underground.

The incident led to a delicate operation which involved a rescue crew lifting him out of the tunnel by crane with a rescue cage. He was then taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment.

Work on the tunnel was shut down as WorkSafe investigate. The Perth Transport Authority are also investigating.

Prior to the incident, the CFMEU says concerns about safety were raised relating to the brackets connected to the high pressure pipes however these concerns fell on deaf ears.

The airport rail link is expected to be completed by 2020.

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How Augmented Reality is Aiding Construction

Augmented reality through holographic lenses is the next wave in construction technology developments helping to revolutionize the building industry.

These holographic lenses under hardhats will help us finish our projects on time and more efficiently.

They also help workers notice real-world planning problems before building products are expended, saving time and money.


Construction on Longest Tunnel Comes to An End


Construction of the world’s longest rail tunnel has finally come to an end, 16 years after predicted by the Swiss engineer who envisioned the project.

Carl Eduard Gruner came up with the idea in 1947 and thought it would be complete by the year 2000. Numerous delays led to the tunnel only being completed this year.

The tunnel is 57km long and runs under the Alps, connecting Zurich to Milan.

It cost just over 12 billion Swiss francs ($12 billion, 11 billion euros) to build and involved 2400 workers.