WorkSafe NZ- Make Safety a Priority

 WorkSafe New Zealand is urging all workers and businesses to begin the year with safety as a priority.
If you find workers have returned after the holidays with a relaxed attitude towards safety, perhaps a refresher in health and safety habits would do them good.
WorkSafe New Zealand suggests spending time before work speaking about safety systems and procedures.
In Australia, it’s also important to ensure everyone including apprentices and new workers have a White Card.
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WorkSafe Describes 2016 As Horror Year

Victorian employers and employees have been urged to prioritise safety following a horrific year during which 26 people were killed on the job.

We should all be working to make sure 2017 is a safer year than 2016 during which 7 people were killed in the construction sector.

The youngest person killed was 21 and the oldest 94.

There were 4 falls from height and 3 fatal electrocutions.

Employers and employees should prioritise safety from the start, so that all workers can get home safely at the end of the work day.


These Crashes Will Leave You Confused

Heavy equipment accidents are some of the most common on the construction site and many of them end fatally. It’s important we abide by the site’s health and safety plan and our safety training when on site. It’s also important that everyone operating these machines is qualified to do so including being in possession of a High Risk Licence. Watch the video to see why.

Horrific Accident of Apprentice Being Bullied

An electrician is learning the hard way that workplace bullying is under no circumstances acceptable.

He is facing charges after bullying a young apprentice over a period of 2 years.

A magistrate in Melbourne warned the electrician that “we’re not in the 1950s anymore”.

The man used explicit language on the apprentice and threatened him. He is also accused of burning him with an ice pipe.

The Melbourne electrician is facing up to 10 years in prison.

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Beefed Up Construction Laws in WA to protect Subcontractors

The complaints of subcontractors that aren’t being paid or are being paid late by big construction companies have been heard and the WA government has beefed up laws to protect these subcontractors.

Under the law large construction companies that don’t pay subcontractors will be banned from applying for government work.

A new code of conduct applies to the building and construction industry.

Changes are aimed at supporting small business, help prohibit anti-competitive behaviour such as price fixing and sham contracting.


Fuel Truck Crashes into Worker at Perth Airport

The importance of traffic plans and designated pedestrian walkways on work sites should never be underestimated, as an incident that occurred at Perth Airport recently proves.

A worker was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after being struck by a fuel truck at the airport.

The thirty something year old man was struck near the tarmac by the truck and was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment.

Little else is known about the accident but WorkSafe is investigating.


World’s First Solar Roadway Under Construction

A recent article on announced the construction of a one kilometre long solar road in France.

The road was announced by French energy minister who said the construction had begun and will be constructed of “Wattway” paving, made from solar PV.

The solar road for now will be 1km and 2 metres wide, covering an area of 2800m².

The French company behind the Wattway technology, which makes the solar road possible, Colas said the road would generate 17,963 kWh of electricity per day. Impressively this is enough to light a town of 5000 inhabitants.


Perth Upper Swan Bushfire a Threat To Lives

As construction workers natural disasters have a major impact on our work and the same is true of bushfires which rage in many parts of the country and most recently set Perth’s Upper Swan area ablaze.

The fire which saw flames rage as high as 6 metres high has been downgraded to a watch and act after originally breaking out at the far eastern end of Copley Road.

Authorities warned that the fire had been downgraded but there was still a possible threat to lives, homes and businesses.

The best thing construction workers can do, is keep up to date with fire and weather reports in order to stay safe.

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Man Seriously Injured After Workplace Incident

A workplace incident on Wednesday morning has left a worker injured in southeast Queensland.

Ambulance paramedics rushed to the scene at 8:00am to treat the injured worker at the site 11km southeast of Gatton.

The man, in his twenties was treated for injuries to his upper body and then transported to Princess Alexandra Hospital for further treatment. He is in a stable condition.

It’s important that we prioritise safety around this time of the year when new people will beginning work on site. It is also a time when people are returning from the holiday, many of them with a relaxed attitude towards workplace health and safety.

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Western Australian Mining Company Charged $40,000 for Workplace Safety Breach

Companies who fail to meet their WHS requirements should learn from the fate of a Western Australian mining company who were fined $40,000 for a 2014 incident which resulted in three workers being trapped in a control room after a tank rupture caused an acid spill. Although the workers managed to escape without injury, the company pleaded guilty to failing to provide a safe working environment and was fined in a WA court.

According to Department of Mines and Petroleum safety director Andrew Chaplyn, the mining company was aware of the need to carry out regular inspections and repairs of the tanks but failed to do so, which led to the near catastrophic, but totally preventable incident.

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