Cardiovascular Disease Risk Increases with Work Hours

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Are you working longer than 46 hours per week, then you may be at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to a new study.

The report published in the March issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, revealed that the risk of CVD increased as the average weekly working hours increased, researchers out of The University of Texas proved.

People who worked 40 to 50 hours per week had the lowest cardiovascular risk, the researchers noted.

Researchers analysed data from more than 1900 participants during the study, all of whom were employed for at least a decade.  Source:

Second Construction Death Involving a Lift


Yet another family has lost a father and grandfather due to an accident on a construction site in South Australia.

The death was that of a 63 year old worker who died after suffering serious head, neck and back injuries at the Royal Adelaide Hospital construction site.

The man was crushed between a scissor lift and a concrete slab, the second scissor lift fatality on the site.

South Australian Health Minister Jack Snelling was shocked at the incident which was the second of its kind at Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

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National Approach to Building Safety


Thankfully building ministers from around the country have come together to establish a national response to the use of non-conforming building products.

The Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni hailed the decision as one that would restore confidence in Queensland’s building sector.

At the forum of building ministers on the Gold Coast, ministers agreed to cooperate in the implementation of safety issues related to high risk building products.

Ministers agreed to the development of education strategies to keep consumers better informed and holding building industry participants accountable for their contribution to the use of unsafe products.


WorkSafe Victoria Powerful New Message

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WorkSafe Victoria has issued a powerful new public awareness campaign aimed to emphasize the impact of serious injury on a workplace.

The campaign is aimed at employers and warns them that if workers aren’t safe, neither are they.

Employers in the state need to be fully aware of the consequences of workplace fatalities and serious injuries.


Employers are being warned that inspectors can visit workplaces anywhere, any day at anyy time.



Energy Drinks Banned From Some Construction Sites

energy drinksAlmost half of all construction workers drink energy drinks in such large quantities that they are putting their health at risk, leading some employers to ban these beverages from their sites. 

According to research by academics at Griffith University, most tradespeople eat unhealthily. Lunches usually consist of cigarettes, pies an energy drinks.

Tradespeople generally start early and work in high pressure environments. Some also have to contend with long commutes to and from work and have to engage in physically demanding tasks, leading them to be fatigued and resort to energy drinks. 

The unhealthy eating only makes the fatigue worse and increases health risks. It’s an ugly cycle that needs to be addressed. 

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Family of Irish Worker Killed in Perth Speak Out


A horrific accident has taken place on an East Perth construction site, claiming the lives of 2 young Irish workers.

The accident happened on Wednesday as a crane was hoisting a concrete slab, the slab fell and crushed the 2 workers.

The family of one of the workers Gerard Bradley described the ‘great void’ his death would leave in their lives.

Colleagues and friends of the workers on the site were left in shock by the sudden accident.

There are a large number of Irish workers in Australia, many of them involved in construction work.


In time for the holidays – How to make the most of your Vacation


If you want your vacation to matter, then focus on unique experiences, experiences others in your life haven’t had.

According to an expert, people who have experiences that others haven’t feel more satisfied and “special”, making them enjoy their holiday more.

So focus on doing something new and exciting this holiday season.

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How you sleep, and its effect on your health


Did you know that how you sleep actually has an effect on your health?  Everyone has their own preferred sleeping position, some people automatically end up sleeping on their stomach while others prefer sleeping on their side.

Laying on you back may actually be the best position for your spine and posture but it could also increase the likelihood of snoring.

People who sleep on their sides increase the risk of sustaining long-term damage to their necks and lower back.