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Construction and Safety related videos

The Risks Associated with Construction Dust

If you thought the health risks associated with construction dust/silica isn’t that serious, you better watch this case study. This video tells the story of a man who worked with different types of stone over a 3 decade period and

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Time-lapse Video Shows Building Constructed

There’s nothing like a construction time-lapse video to highlight the marvels of modern construction and design, watching a building being erected from nothing into something people live, work and shop in, and this video is no different. Let’s watch and

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This is How Construction Wood is Made

Construction wood is such an integral part of the construction process but have you ever wondered how it makes it’s way from tree to our work sites? Let’s find out in this ‘How its Made’ video.

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The Inventions Revolutionising Construction

There are some really interesting advancements being made in construction, making the process quicker, more efficient and in some cases more affordable. Here are some of the interesting inventions revolutionising the industry at the moment.

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Watch a Building Go From Foundation Phase to Completion

A construction time-lapse camera captured this massive complex being built, compacting months of construction in a minutes. Let’s see how it takes shape.

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Watch Bulldozer in Action as Road Construction Gets Underway

There seems to be a lot of road construction underway around the country but sometimes we don’t realise how much work goes into building our roads and networks, and just how high risk this work can be. In this video

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How To Manage Falls on Worksites

Safe Work SA has released a series of videos to help manage the risk of falls from height including ladder safety. The four video series also includes a video on The hierarchy of risk controls, safe use of portable ladders

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Video Details Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can be confusing topic for some people. It is possible that people don’t know that they’re the victims of bullying in the workplace or worse, that they’re perpetrator. In this video employees can get a clear understanding on

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Heavy Equipment Disasters Excavator Fails on Video

Here’s a video of construction heavy equipment, some operating successfully, some major fails and some just downright stupid. Either way you can appreciate the power of these massive machines and why a high risk licence is needed to operate one,

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Deadly NY Construction Accident

A deadly construction accident in New York near Central Park is an example of the high risk nature of the industry and how freak accidents can occur when even one safety standard is neglected. This particular incident happened when a

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