Australia has many construction opportunities that are present once you complete your white card online process. But you should check out all the companies within Australia, because if you have the skills, then you could be working in any of these and you could have your pick. So have a look at this list and see which company might interest you.

1 Laing O”Rourke


3 Devine

4 CBI Constructors

5 John Holland Group

6 Monadelphous Engineering Associates

7 Westfield Design And Construction

8 Construction Control Holdings

9 JJ McDonald & Sons Engineering

10 Tamawood

11 FRH Victoria

12 Briert

13 Thiess

14 Georgiou Group

15 Uhde Shedden

16 J Hutchinson

17 Winslow Constructors

18 Ertech

19 Badge Constructions (SA)

20 Service Stream

22 JWH Group

23 Isis Projects

24 Pellicano Builders

25 Choice Homes (Qld)

26 JA Dodd

27 Burbank Australia

28 Hedley Constructions

29 AVJennings

30 Kell & Rigby

31 Goodman International

32 Stockland Development

33 Watpac

34 Sunland Group

35 APG Homes

36 AJ Lucas Group

37 Richard Crookes Constructions

38 AW Edwards

39 Grindley Construction

40 BRB Modular

41 Thomas & Coffey

42 Raptis Group

43 Prime Constructions

44 St Hilliers Contracting

45 J & P Richardson Industries

46 Bovis Lendlease

47 Mossop Group

48 Hooker Cockram Corporation

49 Becton Property Group

50 Adco Constructions

But take not that this list is not based on industry approved statistics and could be prone to change/cannot be relied upon as a 100% accurate list.

You should also remember that to work in any of these companies on a construction site, then you need to complete the white card online course and obtain your card, which will allow you to work in any construction site around Australia.


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