White Card online provides you with the necessary knowledge to work safely in your construction site. Your safety in construction includes a duty of care that you should follow to avoid liability and to look out for your co-workers.

Who shares the duty of care – White Card training

This duty of care legally falls upon both the employer AND the employee, as white card teaches, so your boss will not be the only one taking heat for decisions made on the work site. But you might be wondering why you both have a duty of care? Well, you probably already know the answer but your duty of care is so routine that you might have forgotten what it is. The employee carries the duty to essentially ‘look out for his mate.’ Now this can be done several ways and is not always direct; it could mean just checking a machine is in fully working order before using it, or it could mean warning a co-worker about dangers he may be falling victim to. But see what i mean? These are things that you would probably do without having to be asked so you forget that it’s a duty of care yo9u are completing. But so that you and your employer know what duties to look out for and why, lets explore both roles and their duties as shown by the white card course.

White Card teaches: The Employer

White Card Online

The employer could be said to share the highest duty of care as it is his responsibility to ensure that his work site is compliant with all laws and regulations – making it a safe place to work overall. The role of the employer means that they should:

– Provide a workplace that is safe and not a risk to anyone’s health.

– Instruct train and supervise employees enforcing safe work.

– Make the aforementioned training as simple and clear as possible.

It is the duty of the employer to ensure that their work site adheres to the following codes of practice

– OHS standards and guidelines

– National code of practice/compliance codes

– OHS and welfare acts and regulations

– Safety codes of practice

For more information on the codes of practice to follow you can visit Safe Work Australia’s website.

White Card teaches: The Employee

The employee’s safety and safety of his/her co-workers is essential to a functioning work site and is something that White Card traines you in. As such employees need to adhere to several obligations that fall upon their head when working with machinery and mates.

– Taking care of their health and safety in the workplace

– Not putting the health and safety of others at risk when working

– Complying with safe work practices

– Cooperating with employers(yes, you have to do it!)

– Obeying occupational health and safety (OHS) laws


So now that you know where the duty of care falls (thanks to your construction induction card), check out this video to see the importance of safety on a work site, along with other important aspects of a building site as discussed by and American worker (Bruce Stephan). The concepts, though, still apply to Australia.

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