Even when not working on a construction site, it is important to remember your safety. So here are some tips for using equipment when not on a site.

When using heavy equipment at home, make sure that nobody is around you, at a construction site this may be easier as people can know when to avoid you, but at home children and partners wont have any idea.

You should also always wear protective gear and tie your hair back if you have long hair (general safety)

Remember to never leave equipment on or running, people who are outside a site and do NOT have a white card may not realize the danger of equipment and injure themselves using it when they are not supposed to.

Another common mistake is leaving a gas powered machine on in a closed in area, so avoid that.

These are, however, only some of the things you should remember; for a full list, head here.

But otherwise, when working ON the site the construction induction card (white card) will give you all the safety reminders you will need.



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