The white card is not just a card that lets your employers know that you are qualified to work on their site, all around Australia; it’s a card that is useful to everyone – it means “you know how to keep yourself safe and healthy even under work site conditions and demand.” The most important thing for you to personally look out for is manual lifting, because if not looked out for properly, then you could end up seriously injuring your back, which will keep you from work and that means you will lose work potential. But as well as watching what you lift, make sure you identify all types of personal hazards seen in the table below.

White Card Online

White Card Online teaches what to look out for and the risks of manual labour

The common methodology that floats around peoples mind when lifting, is that it “could never happen to me.” But the truth is far from this, and the more that you bend your back over when lifting,the more you put yourself at risk. But i know that you have all heard the spiel over lifting with your legs, but you should also be aware of other factors when lifting. These include:


Muscle pain


Soft-tissue injuries

Abdominal hernias

Chronic pain

So this list is important to know and watch out for, but the main problem that arises within work places is that in the long term. An estimated 50-70% of Americans suffer back pain (a number which might loosely translate to Australia, however better we may be at construction, ‘no bias’). The white card online course will teach you the appropriate method of lifting heavy loads, so be sure to note the method when completing the course. Make sure you learn the correct method, because the injury is more common than you may realise, and more severe, as seen here.

White Card Online teaches you how to prevent injury

Before you start lifting, check if a mate can help you – a helping hand should never be turned down. Also make sure you limit the task you undertake to your ability – everyone likes to think they are 10ft tall and invincible but the truth may be far from it.

Always ensure that you wear appropriate clothing for the task (including a back brace), push rather than pull, and pull with your body weight.

Handling heavy loads (White Card Online teaches)

Stairs can be difficult to tackle when carrying load, and if there is a lack of a lift or lifting equipment then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first is that when you are carrying a load, try and use one hand so that the other can be used to hold the hand rail. Finally, make sure you prepare your work, so that you reduce the bending, twisting, and stretching you have to do.

Make sure you complete your construction induction course training online before stepping onto your work site – not only will it ensure that you avoid hurting yourself or causing long term injury, it will protect you from any fines or penalties that apply.


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