Why White Card Brisbane Needs Documentation

As with most online courses, you will need to send some documentation into our white card Brisbane offices. You probably already know why this is, but in case you don’t – it’s so that we can identify that it was you who completed the course, that you are eligible for the course. This is simply a formality that must be done after completing your fast and straight-forward white card online process.

Ensuring you send all the information to our White Card Brisbane offices

Step 1: Finish the course and print the certificate

To begin the  process, you need to first complete your course online in it’s different sections, and then print the certificate of completion.

Step 2: Filling in the statutory declaration form

Secondly, you need to complete a  statutory declaration form, that is made for this site – so you cannot use any ordinary statutory declaration form. It is necessary that you complete the whole form, but do not sign it straight away as a Justice of Peace, or authorised person needs to witness you sign the form. Also note that you should complete the whole of section four on the form, which you will need your statement number for (seen on certificate), your time taken to complete (on your results page), you will need your completion date, finally, you will need your location recorded. Possibly the most important thing to note, is that you need to have a Justice of Peace (or authorized person) sign the section required on the form. It may be easier for you to have an authorized person sign your forms, so here are the requirements of an authorized person in each state.

In conclusion, the observer section can be filled in by anyone who saw you complete the course, which may even be a family member.

Step 3: Sending Identification to the White Card Brisbane office

Within the ID section of the process, you need to be able to send in a picture of yourself in the form of ID that is in no way blurry or faded, it must also be signed by a Justice of Peace or authorized person. The ID that you send in must wither be a passport or a drivers license (it can be a photocopy of them to avoid the risk of sending the real thing); and if you don’t have either then you can send in three other forms of ID that must have your home address on them. If you are not over 16, then you will need to send in a birth certificate (or a copy of one), or a letter (with your schools letterhead on it) that is written/signed by your principle, confirming your attendance.

Step 4: Sending the Documents:

You can send your documents three different ways.

1. You can scan in your completed documents and e-mail them to, [email protected] You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 1 day after the e-mail is received.

2. Your completed documents can be sent via. mail to the following address:

Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd
PO Box 13108 George St
Brisbane QLD 4003

3. Finally, you can fax completed documents to, +61 7 3036 5964. But make sure that you include ID and your username within the documents.

White Card Brisbane will then send you your White Card!

Once we have been mailed all of your documents and looked over them, White Card Brisbane will send you the card that you have earned, so that you can get back to work. This should take no less than 10 working days to be sent.

White Card Brisbane

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