The Boggabri coal mine in New South Wales has become the site of yet another worker fatality to take place in the mining industry over the last couple of days. The previous incident took place in Queensland at the Grasstree coal mine.

The following short excerpt explains in brief what happened on the mining construction site,

CPA few days after the death of a worker at the Grasstree coal mine in central Queensland, another worker has died in north-west New South Wales.

According to the Queensland Times, the Thiess Sedgman Joint Venture employee was working on the construction of the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) for Boggabri Coal. The death was confirmed by the company on Wednesday.

The incident is being probed by officers from the workplace and police with the help of Thiess Sedgman.

Thiess Sedgman extended deepest sympathies to family members of the departed employee and promised them full support.

Workers on the site are being offered trauma counselling to help them cope with the situation.


This accident brings to 3 the death toll over the last 6 weeks on mining sites. According to police reports this latest accident involved a 30 year old man who died while working on the construction of a coal-handling plant at Boggabri coal mine in northwest NSW. It seems the man may have been hit by a piece of machinery on the site and suffered fatal injuries.

Witnesses say co-workers tried to assist and even conducted CPR on the injured man. Loud screaming and yelling was apparently also heard on the site at the time of the accident.

According to NSW assistant secretary Rebel Hanlon the latest fatality came on the back of last month’s double fatality at a mine site in the NSW Hunter Valley which shocked workers on the site. The previous accidents took place when a wall collapsed on 2 workers, Jamie Mitchell 49 and Phillip Grant, 35. The men were working 500m below the ground at the time on a coal mine in Paxton on April 15.

At the time of his death on the Boggabri coal mine the worker was apparently working on a construction site at the mine. The construction contractor, in his 30s, was in the open cabin work platform at the Boggabri mine site when he was killed.

The following excerpt from a post on explains:

The accident occurred at a construction site several kilometres from the open cut mine 60kms north of Gunnedah.

He suffered “traumatic head and neck injuries” and went into a “traumatic cardiac arrest” when paramedics arrived, a NSW Ambulance spokesperson said. He died at the scene.

The Telegraph understands the man was from the Gold Coast area and had a young family.

The rigger was working on the Thiess Sedgman Joint Venture Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) or “coal crusher” at the Idemitsu Australia mine. The mine is a subsidiary of Japanese firm Idemitsu Kosan.



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