There are many reasons why you will need a white card when working in the construction industry or planning to work in the construction industry, the first and foremost, being that it is a legal requirement on all work sites around Australia. This is enforced by the employer because he will also be penalized for allowing non-white card workers on his site, along with the workers.

But apart from that, here are some more reasons.

1. it improves safety on the site, when everyone has taken the construction induction card (white card) course.

2. The course is educational and puts you out of harms way, whether that be legal harm or physical harm on the site.

3. The white card will allow you to work in any state or territory around Australia.

4. As a result of owning this white card, you can move to where the work is in an ever expanding economy.

White Card Online

So get online and grab your white card online today, it will improve safety and allow you to benefit in many ways, as stated above.





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