By now most of Queensland would have their white card, but if you still have your blue card and are wondering what a white card is and why you need it, then you have come to the right place. The Blue Card was Queensland’s old card that would allow you onto a construction site. Since then it has been replaced by the White Card which is a better card system, as it is nationwide. So now, rather than having to have a state specific card for each state, you have one card that is valid in every state – so there is no need to repeat your training. It’s time to upgrade from an archaic system!

Is There Any Difference Between the White and Blue Card?

There are no negative differences between the white and blue card, there are only benefits in training and the ability to work in any state. So as an example, you may live in QLD and work throughout NSW, VIC and the NT. PREVIOUSLY, you would have had to own all the different card from these states, but if you get your white card online then you will only have to have the one white card and will still be able to work in all these states, it’s better, easier, and saves you time.

You may also be wondering if you are eligible for a white card, and it’s a good question. Anyone and everyone in Australia is eligible for a white card, and it applies to every state.

From February 2019, training for a QLD white card must be undertaken face to face in Queensland, however, we do offer online training which will result in you being issued with a WA white card, which is also accepted in all states and territories.

QLD Accepts any White Card

QLD is just like every other state in the sense that it accepts all white cards. This is why the white card will simplify your life so much, you can expand your work across states for more work opportunity and employment.

White Card

Start your white card course online today!

So go online and get your construction induction card (white card) – The online process is straightforward and will save you having to take a day off work to complete a class.

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