Injured worker being wheeled away by emergency personnel

Caption:Injured worker being wheeled away by emergency personnel

Photo Source: Todd Maisel/ New York Daily News

Yet another crane incident has occurred just outside of New York which left 3 construction workers trapped and an additional 4 injured. According to reports the construction company is notorious for it’s checkered past and this crane collapse in Queens was just the latest of a series of safety incidents.

The construction site of a luxury development in Queens turned to chaos at around 2:20pm on the day of the incident.

The crane collapsed causing 3 workers to be pinned underneath the heavy metal components, thankfully no serious injuries were sustained. Another 4 workers were also injured. It is a miracle that all workers escaped with their lives.

Workers described the scene of the incident as scary and chaotic with everyone scrambling to get out of harm’s way as the huge crane arm fell.

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“I was this close to death,” said Preston White, 48, a carpenter who narrowly escaped harm. “Everybody was scrambling.”

Workers said they heard cables snap and watched the 380-foot red crane buckle high in the air.

“It came down fast,” said laborer Russell Roberson, 32. “I heard guys yelling, ‘Run!’ You didn’t know what the f— was going to happen.” “You didn’t know which way the thing was going to go.”

Workers said the crane was erected just four days previously. It crashed into scaffolding and plywood at the site directly behind the iconic Pepsi sign on the shore of the East River. The building under construction will be the last of several luxury towers to rise at the Queens West site.

“The crane cut through it like a hot knife through butter,” White said. Investigators were trying to determine Wednesday what caused the collapse, authorities said.

A truck driver said workers were loading the crane with wood planks when the accident occurred. The machine was stationed at ground level, not lashed to a building. Following the collapse, workers went looking for their pals.

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Many speculated about the cause of the crane collapse, some claiming it was because the crane was worn out but authorities have not yet confirmed or denied this. The workers involved went on to describe the emotions they went through as they scrambled to find their friends. This is a typical example of the chaos that ensues following a construction incident of this magnitude:

“We were searching to searching to see who was around,” Roberson said, adding that about 70 people were at the site. “We were calling out names. If you didn’t hear the guy’s name you searched for them — it was terrifying.”

Two of the injured workers were taken to New York-Presbyterian Cornell Hospital and five to Elmhurst Hospital Center.

The five workers at Elmhurst, men ages 23 to 55, were expected to leave the hospital Wednesday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

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This incident is a scary reminder of the danger of working with cranes and especially the danger of working with worn out cranes or any other heavy machinery or equipment that is not in good condition.  Crane operators should inspect the machinery beforehand to ensure that all parts are fully functional and will not present any risk. And if machinery is found to be faulty it should not be used.

For workers on the ground or in the vicinity of a crane in operation – keep your eyes open. Anyone who works around an operating crane has to be constantly aware of its movements for your own safety. Stay out of the way of the machine and its moving parts. If the operator sounds the crane’s warning signal, get out of the way fast.  You should also familiarise yourself with crane signalman’s hand signals so that you are alerted to the crane’s movements and directions.


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