An important issue for the construction sector in The ACT is construction safety and the related issue of safety training. This is because the ACT has been identified as having the highest serious injury rate in Oz.

Some of the most important issues that need to be addressed if safety on The ACT’s worksites are to be improved include work from heights, signage, fencing, amenities, housekeeping, scaffolding, electrical test and tagging, personal protective equipment (PPE) and most importantly ensuring that all workers are in possession of their white card.

Whether you are an experienced worker who managed to work under the radar for years without the necessary qualifications or a new or apprentice worker considering starting out in the industry, it is vital to complete the White Card course. Temporary workers, full time employees, contractors, supervisors, project managers even vehicle operators on site as well as all trades people need to first obtain their White Card before beginning work on a building site.

During the course learners will become accustomed with the basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry, with the course covering

  • An explanation of OHS legislative requirements;
  • The identification of construction hazards
  • Identifying control measures to deal with hazards;
  • OHS communication and reporting processes and
  • OHS incident response procedures

The course goes further into each of these the topics above to teach workers how to stay safe and avoid endangering the lives of others in the completion of construction tasks.

The good news about the White Card course is that it is now nationally recognised, which allows workers that complete it to seek employment anywhere in Oz. It is also completed online which means that workers save time and money as compared to traditional face-to-face training.


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