Whilst the ordinary White Card may cover you for most construction site jobs, if you are a higher risk worker, you may need more certification. In 2007 the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work was introduced. Basically, the government decided they didn’t want any average Joe operating a crane or heavy machinery.

Are you one of the following? If so you may need to attain certain certificates to complete you’re chosen profession on a construction site, as well as taking “precaution that is reasonable, in the circumstances, to protect health, safety and welfare in the workplace.”

Crane and hoist operator

Forklift operation

Scaffolding work

Rigging work

Dogging Work

Pressure equipment operation


Plumbing/Gas Fitting

Road Works

Producing, storing and transporting prescribed waste

So you could jump into an excavator and drive off with it, but not only would that be stealing, it would be high risk work that you are not qualified to perform.

So if you’re a qualified high risk worker, you have a higher responsibility, and while you may need your oh&s construction induction card (White Card) that applies to every state, you may also need certain qualifications for your high risk work.


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