The latest Safe Work Australia monthly notifiable fatalities report has been released and it shows that 28 Aussie workers have been killed while on the job in the month of August – the highest number of monthly recorded fatalities for the year.

Of the 28 Aussies killed in August, the majority were as a result of being hit by a vehicle. 13 of the 28 fatalities were due to incidents involving vehicles and 4 were as a result of a working being hit by falling objects.

Most of the fatalities recorded were male workers, 1 female worker and 5 male bystanders. There were 3 female bystanders killed.

The report also said that of these fatalities 7 workers and 7 bystanders died as a result of incidents in the air or on public roads.

An article on recently highlighted the report, making mention of 3 fatalities that occurred as a result of workers being hit by moving objects other than a vehicle. 2 fatalities were as a result of being trapped in machinery.

The article went on to explain:

workplaceThree fatalities were due to being hit by moving objects other than vehicle and 2 were the result of being trapped in machinery. The remaining 6 fatalities were all different types of incidents, including a vehicle incident–air crash.

Transport, postal & warehousing workplaces accounted for 7 fatalities, 6 fatalities occurred in construction workplaces, 5 fatalities occurred in electricity, gas, water & waste services and 3 fatalities occurred in agriculture, forestry & fishing workplaces.

Manufacturing, arts & recreation services and administrative & support services workplaces each had 2 fatalities. The final fatality occurred in a public administration & safety services workplace.


So far this year there have been over 160 worker fatalities and the manufacturing and construction industries have been responsible for the greatest number of fatalities.

We need to look into the safety on our individual worksites to ensure that workers aren’t being placed at risk and we need to review controls regularly.

On a construction site there are some dangers that are more prevalent than others and are common to most construction sites, be it residential or commercial sites. It is important to investigate potential hazards of the construction site before proceeding with work. These include unstable grounds, power lines and hazardous materials. These are hazards that are unique to the site and vary from site to site.

Most importantly ensure that workers are adequately trained. Both site specific and general construction induction training is required for every worker and is another crucial aspect of workplace safety. The good news is that workers can now obtain their general construction site training (White Card) online, which makes it both easy and convenient. It can be done from the privacy of your home or office and is valid nationally. This is a pre requisite to entrance as a worker on any construction site in Oz.


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