Source : Steven Damron

According to experts brick layers are the most vulnerable in terms of manual handling injuries. In fact according to statistics manual handling is the most common injury among Victorian workers on the whole. For brick layers the act of manual handling involves a lot more than just lifting bricks or heavy objects, it also involves pulling, pushing, lowering as well as other actions. Moving building materials such as heavy bricks from one part of a construction site to another can also cause harm to workers if not done correctly.

Part of employer’s duties includes providing a safe system of work for their employees by:

  • Establishing a clear path or workers to follow that will allow the safe movement of brick packs and other materials and equipment around the site that is sufficiently wide and unobstructed.
  • Arranging for materials to be delivered as near as possible to where they will be used.
  • Selecting materials that are lighter and easier to handle.
  • Provide mechanical lifting and handling equipment to move brick packs and other heavy materials from place to place rather than requiring workers to move them manually. Equipment includes specifically designed wheel barrows, brick trolleys, cranes and lift trucks, all can ease the burden of the heavy load on workers.
  • Working platform planks should be secured and maintained, this will allow bricklayers to complete their work with a good posture to minimise stress on their backs.
  • Maintain good housekeeping to decrease the number of obstructions that may cause tripping hazards.
  • Workers should take sufficient breaks and stretch before beginning any strenuous activities.

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