Ask any worker within the construction industry what is the greatest risk they face and you will hear a variety of answers from falls from heights to electrocution hazards, to being struck by vehicles, but in fact the greatest risk that construction workers face is actually ignorance.

Ignorance of safety issues is the greatest threat to the safety of workers on construction sites. The truth is employers can have the best safety systems in place but if workers aren’t trained on them they are ignorant of safety issues and virtually useless in terms of site safety.

It is vital that before allowing a worker onto a site, employers ensure that that worker is equipped with the necessary safety knowledge to operate on the site without presenting a risk to health and safety on site. This entails confirming that each worker has completed the White Card Course and is possession of a White Card. If workers have not completed this training, it does not matter how experienced or skilled they may be, they cannot set foot onto a construction site for work. If workers have not completed the course, employers need to ensure that they do so before allowing them to begin working on site.

While it is true that electrical hazards, slips, trips and falls are the most commonly occurring hazard on a construction site, if workers are trained on general construction safety they are more likely to be able to overcome these hazards without becoming a risk to themselves or others on site.



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