A freak accident in Kalgoorlie has left a man in a critical condition in hospital. The man was an innocent pedestrian who was hit by a swinging crane which was being transported on a truck.

The 57 year old gentleman was standing on the side of the road when a part of the crane dislodged and struck him causing the man to sustain severe head injuries.

Authorities then closed the highway while they investigated the incident. The truck driver was subjected to questioning but was not fined for the incident.

The incident is a reminder of why crane safety is such an important issue in construction. Cranes have the potential to cause damage during their operation and transportation. Dozens of workers are injured each year due to cranes dropping their loads, swinging unexpectedly or parts becoming accidently becoming dislodged and hitting into workers. Overhead cranes also carry the danger of coming into contact with over-head power lines and electrocuting the operator.

The importance of operators inspecting the area below cannot be underestimated. Operators should inspect the area where they’re about to operate so that any falling objects or debris will not injure or kill a person in the area below.

Workers who operate cranes must be adequately trained to do so and other workers on site need to be trained on how to work safely in the vicinity of such machinery and equipment to avoid any possible mishaps.


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