One of the most important aspects of construction site safety is training. Having the best safety controls in place is pointless if workers aren’t aware of the hazards that work in the building industry can present, it’s like going into a battle unarmed because the hazards presented by construction work can be overwhelming to the untrained.

There are 2 main types of training that are mandatory for all workers in the building industry and they complement each other. The first form of training is The White Card course which is a comprehensive and informative course covering the most common hazards that work in the construction sector presents. The second is site specific and relates only to the hazards present on the specific work site.

The White Card Course is important because it is the foundation that workers in the construction industry need before they even begin work on any site regardless of the hazards it presents.

Now the White Card Course is national which means that once workers complete the course, they can work on any construction site anywhere in Oz. It also means that safety controls are more universal and that workers have a common and unified idea of how to control hazards on the building site. So it’s not only good for workers, it’s good for employers and for the construction industry in general.

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