Construction firms need to ensure that they keep their sites secured from trespassers particularly because most residential construction sites represent to children a playground where they can have fun.

Especially over the school holidays it is important that work sites are properly secured so that members of the public and bored kids do not wander in easily and begin looking for ways to stay occupied, even interfering with dangerous equipment and material and placing themselves at risk.

Police in Queensland’s Ipswich are warning those in control of sites as well as kids and their parents that construction sites are off limits, this is especially important with large areas of the city’s outskirts earmarked for development.

According to reports in the media, the Ipswich Crime Prevention Unit through one of its officers, Sergeant Nadine Webster said police were targeting unlawful entry offences during school holidays – and not just on school grounds.

While the police have promised to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who unlawfully enters a private property, it is also important that construction firms and contractors ensure their sites are fully fenced and locked at the end of each work day and over weekends or holidays. We don’t want to see anyone injured or killed because they entered a construction site without knowing the dangers that lie within.

Also these trespassers can disturb the site, making it dangerous for workers when they return or even damage property or steal equipment, costing the company.

Another problem is that people tend to think that locked construction sites make good race tracks. A number of people of all ages have been breaking into construction sites that are fenced off to race their motorbikes, quad bikes or just take a shortcut through.

Many children are just breaking into construction sites to find a place to play and while they may be doing so innocently, there are life threatening dangers that lie within the site and pose a major threat to their safety.

The police have also warned that if you intend on embarking on a hike, bike or horse ride or four wheel drive through a private property, you must first obtain prior approval.

Police have also urged parents to know where their kids are at all times especially if there are potential threats in the form of construction sites nearby. It is normally those children who are left unsupervised who find themselves in trouble because of boredom and peer pressure, so parents should keep a close eye on their children as much as possible.

People who live and work near construction sites are also being urged by police to keep an eye out for illegal activity and report trespassers or other criminal activities they may notice.

Those in control of the site need to consider the importance of keeping trespassers out, not only for the safety of the trespasser but also for the safety of workers and to ensure that the progress of work is not hampered on site.

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