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Date PostedNovember 21, 2013

Man electrocuted on Construction Site

Emergency services rush a man to hospital from a property in Rosewood Queensland after giving him a lifesaving shock. Photo source: Claudia Baxter, http://www.qt.com.au/news/man-requires-cpr-after-electric-shock-rosewood/1982107/

An amazing story has emerged involving a roofer who suffered an electric shock and 3m fall while working on a property in Rosewood, Queensland. Miraculously the man was brought back to life after his heart stopped as a result of a 30 second electrical shock which he suffered after drilling a screw through a corrugated iron roof and into a live electrical wire.

The 35 year old worker is lucky to be alive after he suffered the electric shock which caused his heart to stop beating as well as suffering a fall to the ground and a laceration.

This post from www.QT.com.au explains:

IQT_14-08-2013_NEWS_02_ELEC13A_t460A MAN was brought back to life by his workmates and paramedics after his heart stopped following a terrifying electrical accident at a worksite west of Ipswich.

The roofer was on top of a property in Mill St, Rosewood, when he drilled a screw through a corrugated iron roof and into a live electrical wire at 10am on Tuesday.

When the 35-year-old then touched the guttering he received an electric shock for some 30 seconds, before falling three metres to the ground.

Source: http://www.qt.com.au/news/man-requires-cpr-after-electric-shock-rosewood/1982107/

It is believed that the efforts of the victim’s co-workers were instrumental in keeping him alive. The crew on site were fast to help the man and begin CPR on him, while others quickly called paramedics.

It is important that workers on construction sites are adequately trained and aware of emergency response procedures for situations such as this one, so that they react quickly and correctly especially when there are lives at stake. This man was lucky that his crew were quick thinking and acted so fast, which paramedics say probably saved his life.

The article goes on to explain:

His workmates performed CPR for five desperate minutes before an ambulance arrived.

Within a minute of arriving, paramedics gave the man a single shock from a defibrillator, which restarted his heart.

Ipswich intensive care paramedic David Martin said the man’s heart was not beating when the first ambulance crew arrived at the rural property.

He said the CPR performed by his workmates had kept his blood flowing.

“The quick actions of his colleagues, noticing he was being electrocuted and calling us, made a huge difference towards a positive outcome,” he said.

Mr Martin added that ensuring the man’s blood was still flowing had increased his chances of making a good recovery.

“In the chain of survival it is important to get early CPR,” he said.

Source: http://www.qt.com.au/news/man-requires-cpr-after-electric-shock-rosewood/1982107/

The article goes on to explain that an hour after this incident occurred, a second worker complained on a minor electric shock and had to be treated by paramedics. The 27 year old worker was treated for minor abdominal complaints and taken to hospital for treatment. Workplace Health and Safety authorities are investigating the incident.


Steven Asnicar is regarded as a leader across many fields of industry. In particular, his specialisation across the health, infrastructure, construction, resource and utility sectors has seen him successfully change the dynamics of these industries through the introduction of new strategic, marketing, training and technical frameworks. Steven works closely with industry peak bodies such as Safework Australia, Australian Logistics Council, National Advisory for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment (NATESE) and the Council of Australian Governments in the development of new delivery standards and industry specific programs.

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