WorkSafe Victoria has conducted a total of 120 safety blitzes on houses across Bendigo, Ballarat, Mildura, Warrnambool and Geelong which has yielded shocking results. 90 safety breaches have been discovered last month as part of the organisations Operator SafeSite program.

A number of workplace deaths have occurred this year already and construction workers in particular are in danger. That is why employers and workers need to work together to do all they can to ensure workplace safety.

The inspectors warned sites ahead of time of their visitation yet many failed to make their sites safer before inspectors showed up. Some businesses did yield the warnings and made improvements before inspectors arrived.

Fifty one improvement notices were handed out by site inspectors requiring businesses to fix health and safety breaches before it results in serious injury for workers. During the blitz a total of 39 breaches were identified and dealt with on the spot.

Some of the things that need to be considered include security of the site in the form of fencing, housekeeping and safe storing of tools when not in use are all examples of small measures that need to be taken but can make a huge positive impact on site safety.

Inspectors have reminded people in the housing construction sector that safety takes a proactive approach, it doesn’t just happen. It requires planning, effective controls in place, regular supervision and training.

For those businesses who have been issued with notices and those who managed to escape without any notices, inspectors will be conducting follow-up visits over the next few weeks, so make sure your business is not the one receiving safety notices for lack of safety compliance.


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