A horrendous workplace accident has taken place on a construction site at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital where a young worker was crushed by an excavator on his first day at work.

The 16 year old lad is fighting for his life after the accident at an East Killara worksite recently.

The young worker suffered extensive chest injuries as well as injuries to his abdomen, pelvis and legs.

While the events that led to the accident have not become clear, it is believed the young man was on soft ground that may have saved his life as he came under excavator tracks.

The father of the minor was tracked down and police escorted him to the hospital.

The incident is under investigation with forensic officers having visited the scene with SafeWork.

This incident once again reminds us of how important training and supervision is for young workers.

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/35654996/teen-fighting-for-life-after-being-crushed-by-excavator-on-first-day-at-an-east-killara-worksite/

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